News Briefs 23-02-2006

Excuse me while I put on a smile and plough through this one more time…

  • Another ‘lost world’ discovered in Venezuela, this one a massive cave so large that two helicopters flew in with ease. It looks like a movie set.
  • Is there a monster in Lake Champlain? With video footage and story.
  • Chewing gum aids in surgery recovery. That’s the patient chewing it, not the surgeons using it to put you back together.
  • The legendary tomb of Qinshihuang will not be opened, according to Chinese officials.
  • Radiocarbon review rewrites European pre-history. Just be careful announcing that in Austria…
  • Battle goes on for the ‘Stonehenge of the North’.
  • In weekly pwnage news – surveillance software gets smart.
  • US report: Big Brother is watching email and computer data.
  • And while on the topic: a movie version of Philip K. Dick’s A Scanner Darkly will be out in July, starring Keanu Reeves and Robert Downey Jr. Check out the trailer (the funky comic book effect is a nice approach).
  • Are we living in the Information Age? More like the New Middle Ages. Fair comment.
  • Should athletes abstain from sex before big events? Yet another reason to be a couch potato.
  • A profile of Malcolm Gladwell, author of The Tipping Point and Blink.
  • DNA damaged by space particles? Don’t worry, Mr Fantastic is working on a solution as we speak.
  • Hubble confirms two new moons for Pluto.
  • Quantum computer solves problem – without running.
  • Anti-aging drugs on Horizon. It’s like a carrot to a donkey then…
  • Now this is the room you want to put your hungover friends in. Okay, so it’s not news…but it is whacky, so I say it qualifies for us.

Quote of the Day:

My major preoccupation is the question, ‘What is reality?’ Many of my stories and novels deal with psychotic states or drug-induced states by which I can present the concept of a multiverse rather than a universe. Music and sociology are themes in my novels, also radical political trends; in particular I’ve written about fascism and my fear of it.

Philip K. Dick