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I need a search engine for my brain…

  • Wired profiles Coast to Coast AM, and why it’s so popular.
  • Most cave art done by teens, not shamans. Should we start protecting grafitti vandalism now for future generations?
  • Scientists uncover lost Mayan ruins – from space. You’d need a long-handled shovel.
  • Opus Dei requests scenes be cut from The Da Vinci Code movie which “hurt Catholics”. Come on, this is just a movie. If it was cartoon, on the other hand…
  • Albinos aren’t real happy about the movie either.
  • Looking for a new job that pays plenty? Why not try looting shipwrecks?
  • School board to look into allegations that pagan symbols are being confiscated from students.
  • Ohio changes its mind on the mandating of teaching anti-evolution material in the classroom.
  • In search of the mythical land of Ultima Thule. A review of The Ice Museum, by Joanna Kavenna (Amazon US and UK).
  • Do aphrodisiacs really work? I never kiss and tell.
  • Vietnam man handles three decades without sleep. TDG feels like that sometimes…
  • What’s 7-foot tall, is hairy, and has blazing red eyes?
  • Well, not a Tasmanian Tiger…but someone saw one of those as well.
  • Could alleged Bigfoot prints be that of an orangutan?
  • The UK, South-East Asia and Illinois in one day. Bigfoot certainly gets around.
  • Murder most foul, but a puzzle remains.
  • Fancy having a day named after you? February 15th is John Frum day, for his cargo-cult adherents on the South Pacific island of Tanna.
  • NASA’s Moon plans move forward.
  • New kind of cosmic object detected.
  • Study finds that babies have an inherent number sense.
  • Quantum physics has a new spin.
  • Extradition case for British UFO hacker re-opens.
  • Hi-tech giants accused of helping China subdue political criticism.
  • eBay pulls ghost sale.
  • And the really big news of the day – Japanese cult show Monkey remade.

Quote of the Day:

The Vice President is standing by his decision to shoot Harry Whittington. Now, according to the best intelligence available, there were quail hidden in the brush. Everyone believed at the time there were quail in the brush. And while the quail turned out to be a 78-year-old man, even knowing that today, Mr. Cheney insists he still would have shot Mr.Whittington in the face.

Rob Cordry (‘The Daily Show’)