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News Briefs 02-02-2006

Sub Rosa Issue 4 will be out in a month’s time, and we’ve got a great line-up for you. Anybody interested in advertising in the magazine should check out our great rates and options.

  • Do psychics really make contact with another world? An article by Hilary Mantel, author of the novel Beyond Black (Amazon US and UK).
  • Psychic John Edwards’ new book gives advice on how to pray the rosary. Also interesting is this editorial on the staff debate as to whether to run the aforementioned story (in the National Catholic Reporter). That’s right, there’ s no room for reporting on the supernatural in the NCR!
  • Giving déjà vu a second look.
  • Supernatural (the TV show, not Hancock’s recent book) fills a horror niche.
  • The strangely beautiful world of Fortean researcher, collector and writer, Gordon Rutter.
  • Survivor producer moves on to online show involving a real-life treasure hunt, possibly involving Masonic themes. Sounds like someone else is riffing on Solomon Key ideas.
  • Speaking of Dan Brown – would you like to buy your own cryptex? Albino monk assassin not included in the price.
  • Meditation finding converts among Western doctors.
  • UFO sleuth on the trail of 30-year-old mystery.
  • A cosmic archaeologist works in the present, looking at the past.
  • The ‘tenth planet‘ is bigger than Pluto.
  • It’s official. “Nano” is the most mis-used word in the English language.
  • One of the great dilemmas of our time – what is the moral status of animals? A small change in how we perceive animals, could signal a massive change in they way we live our lives.
  • National Geographic video: lizard shoots blood from it’s eye socket to fight off a coyote predator. Broadband and a strong stomach required.
  • Futurists, including Ray Kurzweil, imagine the Google future over the coming century.
  • Replying to growing criticism of Microsoft’s (and Yahoo and Google) censoring policies to appease China, Bill Gates says censorship is useless anyhow. Hmmm.
  • Honda launches a car that drives itself. Where’s the fun in that?
  • Is obesity contagious? It is if you eat the infected person.
  • Study shows that dancers are genetically different. No wonder Michael Jackson is such a good dancer.
  • Is the U.S. ignorant to the real bioterror threats?
  • Prions hold key to stem cell function.
  • Is there a face on the ocean floor? This seems to be pushing past Rorschach, into the realms of creative illustration (IMHO).
  • Snow skiing is not a recent past-time – in fact, it may be 12,000 years old. I see a mental image of a chairlift like the Flintstone’s car.
  • Dog graves show that ancient humans cared about their pets.
  • Tech you can’t live without (or is that die without?): the ghost detector.
  • The search for Bigfoot is on. A reporter tags along with the much-maligned Tom Biscardi.
  • Words and language affect our perception of reality. You can’t go past the McKenna quote below for a sublime explanation of this…

Quote of the Day:

Culture replaces authentic feeling with words. As an example of this, imagine an infant lying in its cradle, and the window is open, and into the room comes something, marvelous, mysterious, glittering, shedding light of many colors, movement, sound, a tranformative hierophany of integrated perception and the child is enthralled – and then the mother comes into the room and she says to the child, ‘that’s a bird, baby, that’s a bird,’ instantly the complex wave of the angel peacock irridescent transformative mystery is collapsed, into the word. All mystery is gone, the child learns this is a bird, this is a bird, and by the time we’re five or six years old all the mystery of reality has been carefully tiled over with words. This is a bird, this is a house, this is the sky, and we seal ourselves in within a linguistic shell of disempowered perception

Terence McKenna

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