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The Stargate Conundrum

Alternative history researcher and author Filip Coppens has been updating his site with new essays regularly over the past year (see the Tuesday Round-up below for the latest additions), but to start 2006 off he’s got something extra special. On site at the moment is a three chapter book which revisits a mystery Filip first researched as part of The Stargate Conspiracy, by Clive Prince and Lynn Picknett:

Following on from research for ‘The Stargate Conspiracy’ (Lynn Picknett & Clive Prince), this three-chapter work delves into the work of Andrija Puharich and the Remote Viewing project, and the hidden motivations of the main players… and an unknown dimension to the work of those involved.

The chapters are titled The Stargate Conundrum, and it’s fascinating stuff. The chapters are available in straight HTML, or as typeset PDFs – worth checking out.

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