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Solomon Support

A quick request for help from anybody that’s read my book The Guide to Dan Brown’s The Solomon Key (formerly Da Vinci in America) – I’d really appreciate anybody who can spare time to add a quick review to the Amazon page for the book (Shadows, you can cut and paste yours from the old page seeing it was so good…). For those interested in the topic, remember also that I have a separate website devoted to Dan Brown’s sequel to the Da Vinci code. Alternately, if you have a website I’d be very grateful if you added a link to my Solomon Key website.

  1. Hello Greg…please read
    Hello Greg,

    I went to to your link on your book to your site????

    Is that all connected to the Daily Grail?

    As we have discussed recently I will be adding a links page to our site, just real busy now….I just sent Thoth an exchange notice for links, I read their article on the Canary Islands, very good…I feel they would be complimentary linking as well as the Grail for our site.

    Please , you have my pivate email, send me what you need and info, I will see if I can do something. Time is short, I am on deadlines with some things…but, I may be able to swing something in CT for now…

    But, I need info ready to go…so,

    Also, for any of you that have websites, links are very important to create a full circle of info and to share. Of course you have to be wise about who you link with, but, if this would hlep Greg, and help support the Grail and keep it running, and Sub Rosa and all, well then, I think it is a fine contribution.

    Greg, send me info and material in plain text and some jpegs or what ever, I will see what I am ale to do…

    I am squished right now…

    I could put something up maybe unde controversial guest topics, Like start a new headline…. create a link that way, and that would be easiest and less time, but, just send me all info and let me read through it and edit and do what I need to do, also, send any links…just the plain url so I can cut and paste or insert them as normal…
    Please contat me on my private line. Send all material to my private email account NOT the site’s email addresses…
    Good luck, Colette

    Dr. Colette M. Dowell ND
    Circular Times
    Moving Forward Publications

    1. Linked
      Hello Greg,

      I went ahead and just linked this way,

      Others can do the same if they have sites, it was easy to do , no big deal.

      Greg, I sent you an email. Please review.
      At this time this link will have to suffice.

      Hope this helps. I do not see any others contributing?????
      Good luck.


      Colette Dowell

      Robert Schoch

      Dr. Colette M. Dowell ND
      Circular Times
      Moving Forward Publications

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