News Briefs 17-01-2006

Here then, dear reader, in the pages which follow are the result of a dream which nursed me into the world of the strange and unknown…

Quote of the Day:

When you study natural science and the miracles of creation, if you don’t turn into a mystic you are not a natural scientist.

Albert Hofmann

  1. I have always been a Liberal about drug use
    even though I have never used them.My idea is that everyone is entitled to experiment with whatever they want to.The same goes with smoking.
    And now there is more and more evidence coming out about the benefits of LSD in regard to opening the mind and from Graham Hancock’s courageous experiments with mind altering substances.
    It is a subject that I think is going to get more and more interest shown it over the next few years.
    I hope so anyway.


  2. Cover up
    In reference to the article on 9/11, how does a fire so fierce it melts the steel superstructure of a skyscraper leave any human tissue at either the pentagon or the trade towers? These are intercontinental jet airliners with thousands of litres of fuel. An airliner that is known to be in control of terrorists that some how manages to fly into the most highly restricted air space in the world without being shotdown. Then does a 3/4 turn around the building to hit in the conveniently “being renovated” wing. Where are the surveilance photos? The Pentagon is the most restricted building on the planet. Yet there is no more than one surveilance camera claimed to have caught the event and still shows no plane. Where is the wreckage on the lawn immediately after. No fuselage, no bodies, no luggage or seats.

    It is disgusting to see how they get away with it.

    Recomend you check out

    1. wreckage
      A documantary film called Loose Change does show wreckage of an aircraft on the lawn in front of the Pentagon. The documentary identifies it as an engine part of a C-130 military plane.

      1. there was ……..
        no plane. the damage is not consistant with an aircraft crash.
        the real issue is……how can a govenment kill its own people and blame soneone else.
        I’m so pleased I am not an American! If I was I would not know what to do about this bullshit.

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