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A varied list of readings, listenings and viewings to get you through the week…

  • George Knapp investigates alleged Area 51 man Dan Burisch, aka Dr Crain.
  • Tim Binnall has posted Part 1 of an interview with self-described ‘crackpot historian’ Adam Gorightly (in mp3/podcast and Flash formats).
  • Loren Coleman says it’s open season on cryptozoology.
  • Audio and video of the recent ‘Battle of the Books‘, featuring representatives of Google, the American Association of Publishers, the Authors Guild, and others debating the Google Print Library project.
  • Fortean Times have an online reprint from their most recent issue: “The Science of Aliens“.
  • Phenomena also has an excerpt from their most recent issue – Michael Baigent’s “Early Man: Deconstructing the Bering Straits Land Bridge Theory“. Also over there, you’ll find an interview with Stephen Greer (best known from ‘The Disclosure Project‘.