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Well, perusing Kat’s news today makes it obvious that we just don’t serve up enough information here on TDG, so we’ve created a sister-site to TDG to help cram even more daily weirdness through your internet connection. The Underground Stream of Consciousness is basically a ‘raw feed’ of TDG topics – presented and managed by you, the community.

Any member of TDG is allowed to post stories to the front page of the Stream (same login as TDG) – the only caveat is that we have a voting system in place to ensure that spam and other unwanted posts are filtered out of the feed (again, all members are allowed to vote). If you have book announcement, a website update of note, some very interesting news to share – post it for all to see. Self-promotion is allowed – just try to keep it sane (ie. engage the audience, don’t broadcast)…otherwise you are probably won’t pass through the voting stage.

The Stream should provide a good way of keeping updates rolling along over weekends and through holiday periods, as well as presenting new information that we’ve missed here on TDG, or just didn’t think quite fitted the vibe of the Grail. We get a *lot* of requests to post info on TDG which don’t always make it on the page – so this will be the place where all those lost gems can now appear. Note however that items should really be of value to the community – we have blogs here on TDG for posting personal thoughts and queries.

For more information on how to post and vote on the Stream, check out this short primer. Also note that links to all the new sites (The Stream, The Red Pill, The Solomon Key and Sub Rosa) are available directly beneath the TDG logo, for fast access.