The Underground Stream…

Well, perusing Kat’s news today makes it obvious that we just don’t serve up enough information here on TDG, so we’ve created a sister-site to TDG to help cram even more daily weirdness through your internet connection. The Underground Stream of Consciousness is basically a ‘raw feed’ of TDG topics – presented and managed by you, the community.

Any member of TDG is allowed to post stories to the front page of the Stream (same login as TDG) – the only caveat is that we have a voting system in place to ensure that spam and other unwanted posts are filtered out of the feed (again, all members are allowed to vote). If you have book announcement, a website update of note, some very interesting news to share – post it for all to see. Self-promotion is allowed – just try to keep it sane (ie. engage the audience, don’t broadcast)…otherwise you are probably won’t pass through the voting stage.

The Stream should provide a good way of keeping updates rolling along over weekends and through holiday periods, as well as presenting new information that we’ve missed here on TDG, or just didn’t think quite fitted the vibe of the Grail. We get a *lot* of requests to post info on TDG which don’t always make it on the page – so this will be the place where all those lost gems can now appear. Note however that items should really be of value to the community – we have blogs here on TDG for posting personal thoughts and queries.

For more information on how to post and vote on the Stream, check out this short primer. Also note that links to all the new sites (The Stream, The Red Pill, The Solomon Key and Sub Rosa) are available directly beneath the TDG logo, for fast access.

  1. OK…..
    does this mean my story didn’t make the cut! I must of misunderstood your intentions of a story of interest.

    DISCLAIMER: the opinions and veiws in this post are mine only and are not those of others or of TDG. Any similarities are by chance only.

    1. processing….
      So far, two people have cast positive votes for your submission, for a total of 3 points. I don’t remember reading how many votes a submission has to receive before it makes its way out of the queue and onto the front page, but anyone who’s signed in can read – and vote on – everything in the queue just by clicking on ‘node moderation’ in the box under their user-name, so it shouldn’t be too long before your story makes the leap.


  2. Another homerun for TDG.
    Man, nice work. There’s going to be so much content between TDG and it’s sister sites I might as well kiss my schedule goodbye. That doesn’t have to be a bad thing either! 😀

    By the way, I submitted something as well.

    ” There is no Religion higher than the Truth. “

    1. Voted!
      Heya AC,

      Checked the submission, looks exactly what the Stream is all about – voted +2 to get that sucka up to the front page.

      Peace and Respect
      You monkeys only think you’re running things

  3. Niether pill is a good idea. Not here.
    I am going to get a lot of flak for this. I am cringing already, so go ahead, fire away at me, everyone, but I presume Greg wants my true opinion more than kudos and a pat on the back.

    I do not agree that the recent new websites are such a good idea, and here is why:

    Greg, as illogical as this sounds, in my experience you are going to water down and lose some of your your “customer” base by giving them too many choices.

    Most people do not even have enough time to even get through all the great stuff at good ol’ DG, much less your other sites. And when “customers” are faced with that situation, my long experience as an entreprenuer has taught me that you will often lose business, rather than gain it, even though in many ways your product is “better”.

    (even though your site is free, it is still usefull to use business analogies. After all, we DG readers pay with our time, and our allocated reading time is the “currency” we are using.)

    Sure, you are going to have a few readers who do not fit into this category, because they have more money (time) to spend. Some of your readers can spend all day long comtemplating which pill to swallow. I envy them. But how many more do not?

    Stepping back and looking at the bigger picture, in my experiance, if what you are after is larger readership, then more sites and magazines and choices is not the most effective way to go about it.

    I may be wrong. Hope this doesn’t cause too much fireworks. Shadows, who seems to religiously read everything on DG, and whom I envy and respect for that sort of dedication, will probably sick the bird on me for this.


    1. You’re a little bugger Dash…
      I was reading through your comment and thinking how I agreed with every word you wrote.
      Time is limited for me although you may think I have nothing better to do than sit at the computer all day.
      Actually I do not read everything on TDG.
      There are some posters whose stuff I never read.
      There are some news items I don’t bother with.Some subjects are beyond my capacity to understand and some do not enter into my area of interest.
      In the coming year I am going to have to channel my time even more carefully than I have in the past as I have been asked to put out more work.
      It is sadly true that I will have to just devote my time to TDG when I am on the net and with the rare visit to Greg’s other sites.
      And there is still “Cernig”s newshog.
      But there is a chance that the new sites will attract a more specific kind of interest from people.
      I certainly hope so.
      And Dash, I have told the parrot what you said.


      1. I just want to say…
        ..that the above post I wrote sounded awful and made me seem ungrateful.There is so much on TDG that it takes all my time now, but I will still make time for the other sites because they are the stuff I am interested in and because they are Greg’s sites.
        If Greg put up a site about economics I would still visit it even though my understanding of economics is zilch.
        When there is something there that interests you somehow you make the time to enjoy it.
        So thanks Greg for all your hard work and you know I hope how much I appreciate having a place to vent.


    2. Too many choices
      My guess is that Greg won’t lose many customers over this. Those who are lacking in time will probably just continue visiting the TDG main page and never click on The Red Pill or The Stream more than perhaps once or twice. The very busy people with no time for daily information should start going to Sub Rosa to get a quarterly update rather than getting the daily information overload from TDG that they can’t keep up with. The web is all about readers having many choices and customizing their own experience. To me, it seems that having these new sections available should not harm those who only want to view the current sections. They are under no obligation to use the new sections.

    3. spreading thin

      Well dashour you get no flack from me, i too think it’s a bit much all at once. As a consequence things might be spreading too thin, i think it would have been wiser to let things settle a bit before adding another site.

      Btw i miss the contact us box, and my reply-text box has collapsed to a 1 dimensional vertical scroll-( this happened somewhere last week), i use opera 8.51 a really fast and cool (norwegian) browser.

      ” do unto others as you would have them do unto you “

      1. Contact box
        Hi Tox,

        Apologies, we had to remove the contact form because we were suddenly inundated with spam…it will come back when we work out how they exploited the form (which we added originally to get around the problem of spam).

        In the meantime, as a lot of you know already, if you want to contact me you can do so at anytime simply by putting my name, at

        Not sure about the input box problem, we recently upgraded the backend software and it is probably related to that. I’ll look into it.

        Peace and Respect
        You monkeys only think you’re running things

        1. tox box
          Hi Greg,

          I forgot to mention, i checked the textbox ‘unfolding’at your solomon site -it worked fine there. I too have been getting some spam at my tox mailbox btw , nasty buggers i wonder when those idiots stop responding/buying – because thats what it will take.

          As for releasing all these sites all at once- the time argument is rather weak- if its good to go- who says it has to straight away ? And once you decide to pass -because time is limited , chances drop you’ll ever get to it. Well doomsayers are unwelcome everywhere- not matter what…i hope your expectations will come to pass as i’m sure every regular TDG visitor does.

          ” do unto others as you would have them do unto you “

    4. You have a point but…
      I am one of those people you speak of that gives up if given too many choices. I remember when the lottery started here and I faithfully bought a ticket every Wednesday and Friday. Then they added more types of games and more drawing days and I quit buying tickets unless it was a special occasion or I felt very lucky. So I do agree that some people will probably get lost with all the choices.

      On the other hand, I will be staying even with the many new choices. Gambling wasn’t really my thing anyway but almost everything I read here is. I think those of us that are really interested in the sorts of things that are here will stay. Anyone that falls away from too much choice probably wasn’t really all that interested in the first place.

      I am very happy with the changes and so thrilled I found this site. I don’t have to search the internet any more for my news, I can find it right here. One stop shopping. I love it.



    5. Too Many Choices
      As with all ‘change’ and its associated ‘change management’, there are always motivations supporting the change – as I no doubt suspect is the case here. Perhaps TDG’s IT guru is going on holiday soon, which necessitated the changes before his departure, perhaps TDG’s admin are planning some ‘time off’ (ha) – who knows the motivation? I support the new additions.

      1. Hello Mrs Grail
        So nice to meet you at last.
        Whatever the reasons for change, we TDG lovers do not care.We are just happy that every day when we click on TDG it appears before us.(Well, mostly).
        If it wasn’t there for me I would find myself lost.
        Thank you for supporting Mr Grail all this time so we can have our little luxury.

        love shadows

    6. Re: Niether pill is a good idea. Not here.
      [quote=dashour]Stepping back and looking at the bigger picture, in my experiance, if what you are after is larger readership, then more sites and magazines and choices is not the most effective way to go about it.

      Hi Dash,

      No need for flack, the comments are well-considered and worthy of a reply. First thing I should note – and you can probably guess by the quote I selected from your post – is that the over-riding factor here is that my motivation isn’t a larger readership (although it’s always good to see more people here). My motivation is allowing all the information, in many forms, to get ‘out there’.

      In the case of the Stream, it’s a perfect remedy to a problem that has dogged me for years…how can TDG be a place dedicated to allowing free exchange of ‘new paradigm’ ideas, when I selectively censor what goes on to the front page? I do this for exactly the reasons you state – if I put up every link I got, it simply becomes overload for many people. Quality beats out quantity of links every time.

      As such, the Stream is a place for this ‘raw feed’ of TDG-related stories. If you are short on time, simply don’t visit the Stream, pretend it doesn’t exist! It is the site for the real TDG junkies who want to eat up every bit of information that’s out there. However, it is also a handy tool in terms of a backup to TDG – at the moment, if I get sick or want a holidy, TDG basically stops during that time, except for news briefs added by the other guys. This puts a huge pressure on me mentally, and it’s good to know that this Xmas, I can take a break to go visit my family, and there will still be flow of stories (at the Stream) for anyone looking for their TDG ‘hit’.

      It’s also satisfying to know that I’ve created a new place which gives authors and website owners a place where they can get word out about their projects.

      The Solomon Key website isn’t so much a new site for TDG readers to have to deal with – it’s simply a new home dedicated to promoting my book, as pointing people to various pages here on TDG wasn’t the most professional way of doing things. Now I can collect all my essays on that topic in one spot. There is absolutely no need for any TDG person to visit that site if they aren’t interested in the subject matter.

      I could have perhaps held off on the release of The Red Pill, but I don’t see the harm in getting it up now. The reason I released them all last week is that between my upcoming holidays, and TDG computer-whiz David’s holidays, we probably won’t be doing anything on the backend until well into January. So it was a good idea to get all the sites into working order and integrated into the domain right now.

      Again, if you are too busy – just ignore it! I don’t understand people talking of ‘staying at TDG, despite the new sites’. If people don’t like the new sites, it’s very simple. Just read TDG. They are simply options. At least things must be going pretty well here at TDG, when we get complaints about offering more options.

      Peace and Respect,

      1. Makes sense
        Your comments make sense, Greg, and I hope that all the sites do well, of course.

        I do like the way you clearly reference the new sites, and provide the links, but you do not overly direct or push us to them while we are reading TDG.

        That prevents us who only have time for TDG from getting too lost and wrapped up in the pill dispensary.

        (! Offer some placebo red pills in the new store! Give some free blue ones with every order….)

  4. Appreciate your Hard Work
    I like the new sites, Greg, and think they give people even more options. Reading through some of the negative comments, I think it’s hilarious that these people are thinking “inside the box”. Anyway, thanks for all your hard work — and enjoy your vacation!


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