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The website of Dr Zahi Hawass has been updated with news on the planned exploration of the ‘airshafts’ leading from the Queens Chamber in the Great Pyramid at Giza. The big Z mentions that a new addition to the exploration robots will allow them to sample material from within the shafts:

I received this week a proposal for collection of the pins and debris sampling inside the shafts leading from the so-called Queen’s Chamber inside the Great Pyramid from Dr. Tc Ng, an independent researcher from Hong Kong.

As many know, we received a proposal for a robotic exploration of the shafts from National University in Singapore (NUS). But this proposal described devices that can developed that could be added to the NUS robot with resistible impact, that will significantly enhance the upcoming robotic exploration, by reliably collecting the pins as well as other small artifacts.

Full details available at Dr Hawass’ website.