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Is it Xmas yet?

  • Israeli Antiquities Authority (IAA) comes under fire for criminal charges laid against archaeologist who bought looted Dead Sea Scroll fragments and then donated them to the organisation.
  • ‘Conspiracy of five’ in the Jesus bone-box fraud case becomes a conspiracy of four.
  • Study finds that the Americas were settled by two distinct groups of early humans, re-igniting the controversy over the first settlers.
  • The world’s first private spaceport will be at….Roswell, New Mexico. Doesn’t that place have a bad air-safety record?
  • Good thing we’ve now got the SETI: Post-Detection Science and Technology Taskgroup.
  • Hopes fade for Japanese asteroid probe.
  • US group proposes Neptune mission.
  • Intelligent Design is a war on materialist science: “But supernatural forces would be beyond the ability of scientists to control, repeat and predict.” Insert long philosophical rejoinder on the error of scientism being its origin in an underlying need for humanity to feel in control (I’ll spare you the details).
  • Big cat sighted in Ohio (with vid).
  • More on those whacky Indigo Children.
  • Taking a look inside C.S. Lewis’s mythological mash-up that is Narnia.
  • After psychic helps solve a murder-case, the D.A. doesn’t know whether she believes in psychics…but says she can’t dispute the results.
  • Wikipedia faces coming-of-age crisis, as the offending ‘vandal’ comes forth.
  • Researchers admit they have no cure for procrastination. Well, stop talking to the press and get back to work!
  • Perhaps a good cure would be to unplug? Internet Addiction: anatomy of a problem.
  • Farming now covers almost half of all the land on Earth.
  • Hold the front page! Bio-presses may produce life-saving organs.
  • Exploring caves with hopping microbots.
  • New research finds buckyballs could disrupt functioning of DNA. I’m guessing that’s a bad thing?
  • Titanic actually split into three pieces and sank much quicker than originally thought. In related news, movie-goof geeks jam chat rooms and giggle at James Cameron…
  • Public Domain Torrents has bitorrents of 500 public domain movies available for download, including Plan 9 From Outer Space and George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead.
  • How many things have you been sold recently without knowing it? Every show’s an infomercial these days.
  • April Fools? Freaky murder coincidence weirds out police.
  • From the headlines you can’t make up department: Alien egg given to psychic Uri Geller by Beatle John Lennon goes on display in London record store.

Thanks Haufoldos.

Quote of the Day:

I had some great things and I had some bad things. The best and the worst… In other words, I had a life.

Richard Pryor