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Tuesday Roundup 08-11-2005

A varied list of readings to get you through the week…


    1. RRR Group
      The lower classes believe UFOs are real, many thinking they are alien craft. Sakulich moves away from them to the middle class, or the near upper strata of society where cynicism rears its head and skepticism, except about one’s self-importance, abounds. He writes for his audience, his cult followers — those who smirk at things strange and fringe.

      And the RRR Group is exactly that audience, a bunch of arrogant tossers who smirk at and ridicule anything they don’t believe in, then pat themselves on the back for being so clever and witty. No wonder they don’t mind Sakulich, it’s like admiring their own reflection in a mirror. Particularly damning of their holier-than-thou attitude is their segregation of believers and non-believers into classes, which I find quite offensive and not grounded in fact.

      Since he’s dealing with a topic that is harmless, for all practical purposes, I can enjoy his take on the phenomenon. He hurts no one.

      UFOlogy is harmless? You might treat it like an arrogant adult would treat a child’s game, but that doesn’t mean the topic is just that. It affects a lot of people, and has enormous potential (good, bad or inbetween) for all of humanity. It’s not a harmless topic at all, but something very important that deserves serious, mature attention.

      And he causes enormous hurt. As you said, he writes to an audience who smirk at and ridicule those who study and have an interest in UFOlogy. He’s exacerbating the problem, and making it worse, encouraging bad behaviour and arrogant, pretentious and immature attitudes towards UFOlogy.

      Ya gotta love that about a writer: provocative and not mean …

      In other words, you enjoy shit-stirring and causing trouble. Sakulich is a pretentious tosser who smirks at and ridicules those he believes are wrong. That defines “mean” in my dictionary. It’s a very unbecoming attitude and it should be discouraged.

      Bring on objective, unbiased, balanced skepticism by all means, but lose the pretentious attitude guys. It’s not what you say, but how you say it. Paul Kimball’s going about it the right way, it’s a pity you guys can’t grow up and treat the subject of UFOs with a little bit more maturity also.

      It’s times like these, gentleman such as John Mack are sorely missed…

  1. near death not the worst?
    I’m tired, working to fix a server with a crashed disk.

    So perhaps it seems to me only, that a near-death newsletter is much preferrable to an actual-death newsletter.

    I will read it a bit later.

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