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The observant among you would have noticed today a new link added to the navigation bar (beneath the logo), to something called ‘The Red Pill‘ (redpill.dailygrail.com). This is the first of our new additions to the site – in this case, a Wiki devoted to all subjects on the stranger side of reality (hence the Matrix-referenced title).

A Wiki is, by definition, a community driven knowledge base – so whether this is a useful resource is completely up to you guys. Get in there and contribute articles on any topics, people or places which interest you. For those new to the Wiki process, take a quick browse of our help file and jump right in (alternately, click the ‘Edit this page’ tab on something like my article on The Solomon Key and see the basics).

There is no such thing as a small contribution – even a three word description is a start to an article, and one which others are likely to build upon. So get in there, and add your two cents. I’ll be adding things regularly, so help me out!

Edit: For those wondering why we decided to start this Wiki, instead of adding our articles to Wikipedia – The Red Pill is a direct result of Wikipedia’s stated desire to not list theories which have not been peer-reviewed, or articles on ‘non-notables’ (a truly subjective term). We thought we’d offer all those rogue ideas and individuals a home…