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Solomon’s Treasure

Author Tracy Twyman (of Dagobert’s Revenge fame) has a new book out titled Solomon’s Treasure, which centres on the Masonic symbolism on the US dollar bill, and many of the topics covered in my own book:

In Solomon’s Treasure, author Tracy R. Twyman explains how the magic of the dollar operates. She states that the US dollar, and the global dominance of American money, has been key to the development of the New Atlantis foreseen by the founding fathers, and that this has been part of the plan from the very beginning. The riches of the New World spawned a global mercantile economy, centered on America, which led to the downfall of the old economic order, paving the way for the Freemason-inspired revolutions that swept Europe and transformed the world.

A detailed synopsis of the book, and ordering details, are available at the link above.

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