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A new book worth checking out is Rosslyn and the Grail, by Mark Oxbrow and Ian Robertson (Amazon US and UK). Oxbrow and Robertson are renowned for their knowledge about the enigmatic edifice, so this book promises to be a fascinating read:

The astonishing story of Rosslyn brings together a host of famous figures from history and legend including Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary, Alexander the Great, William Wallace, Robert the Bruce, Mary Queen of Scots, Joan of Arc, Sir Gawain, King Arthur and Merlin the Wizard.No-one has ever come close to uncovering the truth about Rosslyn. Until now.

After a decade of research two Scottish historians have finally uncovered the real story of Rosslyn and the Grail.

There’s a fair TDG link with this book – our good friend Simon Cox wrote the foreword, and Sub Rosa artist extraordinaire Mark James Foster designed the cover. We’re also going to be featuring an essay on Rosslyn from Mark Oxbrow in the upcoming issue of Sub Rosa. Check the official website for the book for more details (although it’s a little light-on at this early stage) if you’re interested in this one.