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A new book, or perhaps more correctly ‘book-in-process’, which readers may want to check out is Psychedelic Information Theory: Shamanism in the Age of Reason, by James Kent (former publisher of Trip Magazine). Kent is currently in the middle of editing and refining the text, and has made a lot of the text available online for people to read over and give feedback on:

Psychedelic Information Theory spans the chasm between science and mysticsm and fully deconstructs the magic of the psychedelic experience in a way that promises to satisfy both skeptics and true believers alike…In addition to the most complete neurologic deconstruction of various psychedelic mind states ever compiled, Kent also provides an exhaustive analysis of the way information is generated within the psychedelic state, and how that information transcends the personal mind and influences human culture at large. Finally, Psychedelic Information Theory examines the scientific basis of traditional shamanic powers and techniques, and frames a new model for shamanic practice and clinical therapy in the modern world.

Sure to cause a storm in some circles with it’s dismissal of such things as “the DMT elves” and other widely-held beliefs – take a look at it and offer some feedback yourself.