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Jameske’s called in sick, so I’ve gouged out some of my sleeping time and donated it to the TDG home for lost news…

  • Expectations can help healing.
  • Feeling fat is all in the brain. Although that spare tyre around my stomach doesn’t seem to be attached to my brain.
  • While we’re at it, true love is also a chemical in the brain, and it only lasts a year. Isn’t reductionism romantic?
  • C.S. Lewis opposed a Narnia film, and criticised Walt Disney for “vulgarity”. To be fair, special effects have moved on a bit.
  • UK’s top scientist says science faces dangerous times.
  • Climate change will dry Africa.
  • Venus Express turns it’s multi-function eye back upon the Earth, as it glides towards Venus.
  • Dark energy and Einstein converge. The ultimate physics smackdown.
  • SOHO turns 10. Sunny days ahead.
  • Astronomers claim potential mini-Solar Systems.
  • Japanese asteroid probe is in trouble (again).
  • One step closer to eternal youth. A follow-up on the genetic anti-aging research mentioned recently.
  • First pictures of living human retina shows our eyes are all wired differently…and yet we see very much the same.
  • Ancient Roman anchors found in Dead Sea.
  • Big marketing push for latest Firefox browser. Hmm, it’s currently ‘commanding’ a whopping 10% of the market. Please, prove to me that the majority of people aren’t idiots by dumping your Internet Explorer and getting Firefox now…there is no contest.

Quote of the Day:

The Dude abides

The Dude (‘The Big Lebowski’)