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News Briefs 29-11-2005

Okay, one new website up and running (The Red Pill), one hanging around ready to go, and one more before the end of the week. TDG is a box of surprises at the moment…

Thanks Pam and Rico.

Quote of the Day:

You can turn your back on a person, but you can never turn your back on a drug, especially when it’s waving a razor-sharp hunting knife in your eye.

Hunter S. Thompson

  1. Those zany Scientologists.
    It’s always interesting to find out what the most prominent cults of the World are up to these days. As a student of Crowleyana, I wonder if that symbol has anything to do in particular with the famous ‘Amalantrah Working’ carried out by Mr. Hubbard and Uncle Al himself. Any thoughts Greg?

    ” There is no Religion higher than the Truth. “

  2. Edgar Cayce Documentary
    I couldn’t agree more with the article in the link. My thoughts exactly as I watched the program before reading the article.

    One thing from the documentary was a team doing studies on the paws of the Sphinx declared they found a hollow cavity. I googled for info on this topic and came up empty. Anyone hear of this study in the late 1990’s?

      1. Zahi
        If it’s insignificant, why is Zahi Hawass planning excavations for chambers around the Sphinx? He said so himself a few months ago, in the same media release where he also announced further explorations of the Pyramid shafts would commence early next year.

          1. Hall of Records
            Cayce spoke of “the preservation of data that is yet to be found from the chambers of the way between the Sphinx and the pyramid of records.” This is a confusing mess. The “chamber of the way” refers to the passage spoken of by the Rosicrucians.

            This is different from the “pyramid of records”. The latter is Cayce’s term for the Great Pyramid. He uses this term because he is referring to the work of Piazzi-Smyth who believed that the time-line of the world was contained in the measurements of the Grand Gallery. It’s a stupid idea, and rightfully debunked by Petrie. Unfortunately Cayce was a mystic, immune from the truth Egyptologists had discovered.

            If you believe that there was a Hall of Records, you have to believe in Atlantis too, because that’s where Cayce said the Records were from.

      2. Bother me this
        Depends what we should get bothered over. Perhaps that the Edgar Cayce organisation the ARE were able to get a permit to drill on the Plateau? The historical analysis is as interesting as the claim itself.

        Peace and Respect
        You monkeys only think you’re running things

        1. ARE activity
          Hi Greg,

          I’m going to the ARE this weekend to attend the UFO Conference. I will nose around to see if any thing is conveyed about the Egypt activity.

          I will attempt a report on the conference when I get the chance.


          1. Hi X_O
            Sounds like an interesting conference that one. While you’re there, slip a piece of paper to Jacques Vallee asking him to email me about a Sub Rosa interview…

            Peace and Respect
            You monkeys only think you’re running things

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