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Jameske’s locked himself in the local distillery, holding the best Irish whisky to ransom. I’ve stepped in for the day to cover his news…

  • New study gives boost to homeopathy.
  • JFK conference fails to crack the conspiracy.
  • Is there a curse of the Iceman? For full effect, you need to read that last sentence in a low voice, through some heavy reverb.
  • Body parts made from paper. Would that make origami a martial art then?
  • Solving the Thanksgiving Mystery (no, not the next Dan Brown book title): does turkey make you sleepy.
  • Flints Give Cyprus the oldest seafaring link in the Mediterranean.
  • 2,500-year-old Greek vase is shattered during smuggling probe.
  • Investors bet on Global Warming. Bill’s holding.
  • Rumour or reality? The Cryptozoology Top 10.
  • Is AIDS a man-made virus. Well firstly, I think that’s the HIV bit…
  • Those defensive Darwinists.
  • Darwin exhibition fails to find corporate sponsorship, with companies anxious to not involve themselves in the evolution debate. Read: they don’t want to be boycotted by Christian fundamentalist groups.
  • Speaking of – are Christian reconstructionists taking over America?
  • Nanoscale compass inside bacteria.
  • Did matter and antimatter join to make molecules?
  • Swiss unearth giant camel bones.
  • Astronomers prepare to build mega-telescope, 100 times more powerful than Hubble. With that sort of gear, they’ll be able to see the aliens changing their minds.
  • Spirit racks up one Martian year of service.
  • Mildly depressed people are more perceptive than others. Or perhaps it’s just that perceptive people end up being mildly depressed.
  • Report says ocean sounds harm dolphins and whales.
  • Golden retriever gives birth to a green puppy.
  • Australian pagans curse the Victorian Premier after he insists that Christian traditions of Christmas be celebrated in schools.
  • Top terrorist ‘may be master hypnotist‘. People are advised to be on the lookout for suspicious individuals wearing backpacks, and clucking like a chicken.
  • Ozzy Osbourne writes a musical about Rasputin. Hopefully, he won’t be backed by Boney M.

Thanks Pam and Rico.

Quote of the Day:

Precognition is just a clearer idea of a possible future. Imagine a person in a canoe paddling down a river. Around the corner are rapids he doesn’t see. Someone on the cliff above, seeing the whole river, can see what’s likely to happen to that person.

Dr Ian Stevenson