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Rico, I recommend coffee for removing all traces of “ugh”…

  • Alien faces are none other than mother. Insensitive joke about Mr Malstrom’s mother deleted…
  • A short piece previewing Graham Hancock’s talk at Alex Grey’s Chapel of Sacred Mirrors (from last week).
  • Fairies stop developer’s bulldozers in their tracks in the UK.
  • Project Paperclip: the dark side of the Moon.
  • NASA spacecraft half way to Mars. Thankfully, half-way means the same in metric and imperial.
  • Meanwhile, the Japanese asteroid-sampler missed the asteroid by more than halfway.
  • On Nova tonight – Katrina: the storm that drowned a city.
  • Virtual professors draw students’ attention. Is it just me or do they look like possible mass murderers?
  • Nanotechnology – it could save millions, if the grey goo doesn’t get us first.
  • GM pea causes allergic damage in mice.
  • Geneticists claim major aging breakthrough, but immortality will have to wait. Ironically, that situation is only acceptable if you are already immortal.
  • The food you eat may change your genes for life. That’s ‘genes’ by the way, not ‘jeans’.
  • Is EM radiation the key to predicting quakes?
  • National Geographic’s video in the news segment: does drinking your own urine boost your immune system. I’ll take the sniffly nose thanks.
  • Even more whacky NG video: watch herring communicate by farting.
  • Vatican’s Chief Astronomer says Intelligent Design is not science. The Church teaming up with science? Only took them four centuries Mr Galileo, you can rest easy now.
  • The real story of Christmas. Unless you’re with the Catholic League – in that case, please insert “the shocking and Satanic lies promulgated about our wonderful Christian holiday” above.
  • Far from leading children into Satanism, Harry Potter offers important lessons. Yup, Harry Potter is about the most satanic individual you’re likely to see…hardcore evil.
  • Cryptozoology for children: Strange New Species: Astonishing Discoveries of Life on Earth
  • A CNN video report on so-called indigo children.
  • Ex-missionaries call for end to Fundamentalist religion, for the good of the world.
  • Michelangelo’s naked statue of David can cause mental imbalance.
  • Archaeologists find western world’s oldest map.
  • The Jurassic Godzilla that even T-Rex would have feared.
  • Cadaver art exhibition draws crowds, and controversy, in Florida. And now in New York as well.

Quote of the Day:

Knowledge does not keep any better than fish

Alfred North Whitehead