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Weather control is the topic of the day, so post your thoughts like lightning…

  • Chinese archaeologists find one of the world’s oldest observatories.
  • Mel Gibson explains the storyline of his next film, Apocalypto, which will be on the Mayas and – like The Passion of the Christ – will be spoken in the native language. Not sure why they have a picture of the Unabomber with the story though…
  • More on that Bosnian ‘pyramid’.
  • Did comet impacts wipe out the Clovis culture? More here on the ‘Clovis in the Southeast’ conference.
  • Peter Ward expands biological classifications to account for alien life in his new book Life as We Do Not Know It (Amazon US)
  • Hubble (is that old thing still up there?) reveals possible new moons around Pluto.
  • NASA reports on the risks of exploring Mars.
  • Speaking of Mars, that trick-of-the-light ‘Face’ keeps on keeping-on (courtesy of Mac Tonnies).
  • Student-built SSETI Express suffers power loss after launch.
  • Pull that babelfish out of your ear – scientists create live translation goggles.
  • Scientists examine anomalous ‘blindsight’ vision.
  • Defend yourself against the coming robot rebellion! Available from Amazon US (if you dare trust the Amazon computers…).
  • G8 to discuss how to combat climate change.
  • Ironically, the U.S. military doesn’t want to combat the weather. They just want to control it. Read on…
  • Conspiracy theorists, start your engines. Giant number two appears in the eye of Hurricane Wilma. Should I be suspicious that this story is from NBC2? With image and video.
  • Mystery horse deaths found to be caused by lightning. No doubt they were terrorist horses targeted by the Pentagon then! It’s all making sense now…
  • Whistle-blower says that TV’s Most Haunted is a con. Network says the show will go on.
  • The afterlife: is it real or imagined? I’m dying to find out.
  • A video summary of Dia de los Muertos (the Day of the Dead).
  • Ex-witches warn of the gateway drug that is Halloween. Cover your eyes, children!
  • Interview with a witch. Where’s Lestat when you need him?
  • Germans turning to witchcraft and the occult.
  • Meanwhile, more Britons believe in ghosts than they do in God. 1 in 4 believe in UFOs, but only 1 in 25 for Nessie. Wonder what the stats are on believing in Iraqi WMD?
  • Ministry of Defence probes Walien invasion.
  • Exorcist house goes up for sale. Mmm, so tempting.
  • When giants roamed the Earth…
  • Crop circles spellbind conference-goers.
  • The extra-dimensional world of Laurence Krauss.
  • Bill Gates gives $US258 million to malaria research.
  • More on that elephants mourning their dead story, this time from National Geographic.
  • Warcraft game maker in spying row.
  • Woman with two wombs gives birth to twins.
  • Weird Texas shows the whackiest places in the Lone Star State. Bill and Cernig could probably fill you in as well.

Thanks Pam.

Quote of the Day:

It used to be that our elected officials were veterans of World War II, Vietnam, or the Civil Rights Movement. But with the election of Jesse Ventura in Minnesota and Arnold Schwarzenegger in California, I foresee a day when all our leaders will come from the movie Predator. Think about it. Governor Carl Weathers. No wait: Senator Predator. I bet he has some pretty interesting things to say about tort reform.

Stephen Colbert