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The widespread media coverage of Susan Clancy’s Abducted (Amazon US and UK) continues unabated, with this recent article discussing the book and revealing that Clancy is sick of the whole subject. Also interesting is that her book grew out of false memory research, after she thought it would be “easier to test her theories if she could be certain that her subjects’ memories were not real”. If that is actually what happened here (it could well be the writers’ mistake), then so much for an objective judgement on the experience! However, the article does also get some quotes from a friend of ours here at TDG, Will Bueche (archivist of John Mack’s papers), which does give it some balance.

On that subject, the John Mack Institute website is hosting an MP3 (four minutes long) of a radio piece which has interviews with Will and also Richard McNally (another Harvard abduction debunker). Presented by Kate Farmer of the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation, again there is thankfully some balance in this short piece.