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Tuesday Roundup 25-10-2005

A varied list of readings to get you through the week…


  1. David Adair and Area 51
    Too incredible to be true for my liking – sounds like a sci-fi enthusiast’s dream come true! But as we have no way of checking out any of the ‘secret’ details revealed, I thought I would check out a few of his other statements.

    page 2. technology ahead of its time (1971)…

    “5 years before Texas Instruments made their first calculator.

    Reality: Texas Instruments released their first ‘pocket’ calculator in 1971, model TI-2500 (Datamath). And in Japan, the Canon Pocketronic had already been on sale for a year.

    Cel phones.
    reality: Development started in 1947. In 1968 AT&T and BELL start commercial development of Cell phones, though it was 1977 before the system was released to the public.

    Reality: Developed in the 1960s they ran at 300-bit-per-second until the early 1980s. The word “modem” is a contraction of the words modulator-demodulator.

    For someone who had supposedly designed a futuristic rocket, understood plasma technology, used a guidance system that was equal to NASA’s best, then surely technology such as that mentioned above would have been part of his world. If I knew about pocket calculators (wishing I could have one for my exams), then David Adair should have known as well.

    Finally, the use of the term ‘plasma conduit’ is straight out of Star Trek, so I wonder if Adair is simply ‘having a laugh…’


  2. Attack on the Left?
    “The result? We lost a city.” Yeah, Whitley, if FEMA had still been a cabinet post the levees would never have breached. Dumbass….

    Streiber’s so-called attack on the Left sounded more like an opportunity to do more Bush bashing while taking one Leftist to task, Hillary Clinton and health care debacle of almost fifteen years ago, as a cover. Lame attempt at “balance” there Whitley. Stick to UFOs.

      1. Left right, left right, Ah-ten-SHUN!
        Please explain why the Left is above criticism? You make the Left sound like the Superhero Hall of Justice, so perfect and noble!

        I applaud Whitley for criticising the Left, and not just the Right as he always does. This polarisation you all force us into (either you’re Left or Right) is a load of BS. Bush is an easy target, and there are just as many snake-oil salesmen on the other side of the political fence who are just as sly, dumb and ignorant.

        Take a big step back from your political pigeon-holing, take off your Left-Wing rose-coloured glasses, and accept the reality that the enemies of Bush can be just as bad as Bush himself.

        1. You write:

          “Take a big ste
          You write:

          “Take a big step back from your political pigeon-holing, take off your Left-Wing rose-coloured glasses, and accept the reality that the enemies of Bush can be just as bad as Bush himself.”

          Who? Name one. Mao? Stalin? Just so you know, in 2000 I thought the Democrats were being whiners and bellyachers about the Florida coup d’etat. I thought Bush was a “compassionate conservative” as he said, and a devout but not theocratic Christian, rather like Jimmy Carter. I was even willing to give him a shot as a “wartime president” after 9/11. IOW, I was a typical American lemming, if not an absolute Koolaid guzzler.

          And oh yeah, I thought people like Amy Goodman, Howard Zinn, etc. were lockstep ideologues who “hadn’t learned anything new since 1973” (quoting myself). But if I had listened to them, I would have known what was coming down the pike… Give the right a fair shake? I did that. They didn’t deserve it then, and they certainly don’t deserve it now.

          1. And one more thing….
            Actually, your position is quite reasonable–plausible, anyway–if you are living under politics as usual in a representative democracy with free and fair elections. But in the current situation? Not so much.

  3. Wicca-Lite
    Thanks for the article on Wicca there, Greg. Even if there’s nothing new in it it is still good to see it written down in one place.

    The article is a perfect example of happy-joy-joy, fluffy familiars and crystal dolphin enemas from Atlantis “Wicca-Lite” – where everyone is careful not to mention a single subject that could be construed as “dark” in any way even though facing the shadows is an integral part of the concepts of Wicca, in order to find the “dynamic balance of opposed forces” which Wiccans and Magi through the ages have pursued as the point of balance from which one can wield a long enough lever.

    I would also have liked to see something said about elder traditions focus on protecting the seeker from undue influence (the magickal circle, banish after summoning etc)and the importance of preserving those elements in modern ritual as it is those very techniques of hard-won pratical tradition that prevent the seeker from being misled by delusions, meglomania and insanity (O. Yes they do).

    Still, interesting.

    Regards, C

  4. Whitley Streiber and Health Care
    No, Streiber is not a fascist, but like many alleged free thinkers he has a habit of swallowing right wing myths straight off Fox News or the Hannity show. Canadians don’t consider their healthcare system “miserable.” On the contrary; a Harris poll shows them to be the most satisfied of any industrialized population in regard to their health care system, and Americans to be the least.

    I assume Streiber thinks of himself as some sort of libertarian. Isn’t it interesting how libertarians tend to be privileged white guys who know how to work the system, and for whom the system works? For the average American who has to live in the real world, almost any health care system worthy of the name would be preferable to the present one.

    1. Right left, right left, Ah-ten-SHUN!
      Pffft. Whitley, swallowing news from the Fox Channel? We’re talking about the same Whitley Strieber here, aren’t we? I think your opinion of Whitley is way off base, and heavily biased by Left-Wing ideologies. You’re completely wrong about him.

      That’s the problem with people such as yourself — when someone who isn’t Right-Wing criticises the Left, you feel exposed and uncomfortable, so you attack that person with insults and accusations of being a pony ride for the Right. I’ve noticed Salman Rushdie (who I can also assert is most definitely not Right-Wing) cop the same abuse over the years.

      Face facts. The Left can be, and often is, just as bad as the Right. We need balanced, objective people — not people such as yourself who think that the Left is the one and only answer.

      1. I have to agree Rick, but…
        …it is the Right that is making all the trouble at present and that is why it is correct to bash them.
        I hate all sides of politics equally these days, and have now decided to join the Green Party.
        (I tried to join the Democrats years ago but they didn’t answer their phone).
        Bush needs a lot of bashing, and if we succeed in getting him out then we will tackle the person who replaces him, whether he be left or right.
        That’s the way I see it anyways.


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