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I’ve added my review of Graham Hancock’s Supernatural to the website, for a bit of a weekend read and to help get word out about this fascinating book. The review originally appeared in Issue 2 of our free magazine Sub Rosa (PDF download), which you should have downloaded anyhow as it also has an in-depth interview with Graham about the new book, along with fascinating articles from Blair Blake (writer for the TOOL website) and Walter Cruttenden (author of Lost Star of Myth and Time).

I’d also like to give a big shout-out to Whitley and Anne Strieber (see the Unknown Country website and Dreamland Radio show) for their kind mention of TDG and Sub Rosa on the most recent Dreamland show. The Strieber’s have operated under a similar philosophy to us for many years, avoiding selling out to what Whitley terms ‘snake oil salesmen’ in this week’s show, to their financial detriment. I hope everyone appreciates the difficulties involved in presenting quality, free information regularly, and supports those who have this philosophy in any way they can.