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Phew, it’s ready! Issue 2 of Sub Rosa is now available for download, and it’s a hell of an issue (if I do say so myself). We have a massive interview with alternative icon Graham Hancock on the eve of his new book release, Supernatural, covering such controversial topics as shamanic hallucinogens, Intelligent Design and alien abductions. We also have a fascinating article from Blair M. Blake on Aleister Crowley and DMT, an essay on the possibility of a ‘second sun’ which is causing the precession of the equinox, and an historical investigation into the ‘serpent cult’ of Norway. Our profile this issue is on ‘alien abduction’ researcher John Mack, a piece accompanied by some personal photos and essays. We review Supernatural, DMT: The Spirit Molecule, Shpongle’s Nothing Lasts and Paul Collins’ novel King Without an Empire. As usual, we also have columns from Ian Lawton, Michael Grosso and myself.

The cover image for this issue is by ayahuasca artist Pablo Amaringo – our thanks go to Pablo for his permission. Also, we have a new illustrator helping out, Adam S. Miller – he’s done some great graphics for this issue, if you’re interested in Adam’s work then check out the ‘About Us‘ page at the Sub Rosa website for details. As always, Mark Foster has done an impeccable job of making sure the layout shines. I’m blown away by how good this issue is – hope you are too. The only downside for me is that we don’t have a print version, because this one would look something special.