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Most of you will have already noticed the various changes to the website. Firstly, we upgraded the backend software, which should allow us to implement further changes with ease over the next few months. Secondly, we’ve added Google Ads to the top of each page – after years of fighting the need to cover server costs etc, I’ve finally succumbed to adding advertisements to TDG. I apologise to any that feel this compromises the integrity of the Daily Grail, but it comes down to simple financial need – and I feel that the context-related text ads from Google offer a fairly unobtrusive method of doing this. In fact, going by the Google report from yesterday, a lot of people are interested in the content of these ads.

There is also now a Google search box towards the top right of the page, which should allow some convenience in searching for topics of interest which you come across during your daily read of the Grail. The search results open in a new window, so it won’t interfere with your reading.