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Shafted Again

MSNBC is reporting that Zahi Hawass is continuing with plans to further investigate the ‘air-shafts’ of the Great Pyramid. This week the big Z will inspect a robot built by a university in Singapore, and if all is well then he hopes the expedition will be complete within “a few months”. Researchers familiar with the ‘Gantenbrink saga’ will no doubt find much irony in Dr Hawass’ latest statements:

It’s very important to reveal the mystery of the pyramid. Science in archaeology is very important. People all over the world are waiting to solve this mystery. I believe that these doors are hiding something… It could be, and this is a theory, that maybe Khufu’s chamber is still hidden in the pyramid.

For detailed information about the original research on the shafts by Gantenbrink, check out The Upuaut Project website, which even has virtual CAD diagrams.

  1. Sigh
    What can I say that Zany Zahi already hasn’t said? I hope he crawls up the shaft, gets stuck, and we have an international incident where the Great Pyramid has to be dismantled because Zahi’s enormously bloated head got stuck. Then we’d find hidden chambers.

  2. Mmmm – somethings rotten in Denmark
    Does anybody truely believe that ZH has waited all this time to find out what is at the end of the shafts?! I suspect he has been removing what he really found there, and replacing it with some staged funary items to ensure Khufu’s pyrimad remains just that – Khufu’s.

    Even if this is not the case, unless what he finds behind those ‘doors’ supports his primary objective – to ensure at all costs that the accepted history remains as is – then I doubt we will see any true discoveries from those shafts. This is confirmed in the non ‘live’ drilling.

    The pyramids are tombs, built by Egyptians with copper tools and without the wheel….Long live the King of Truth Zahi Hawass!!!!

  3. Another
    Another high quality Nat Geo documentary featuring the great Egyptologist in Residence, including “live” drilling.

    One suspect a large build up with little or no result.

  4. Tuesday Night
    For those in Australia, I just noticed that Foreign Correspondent tonight at 9.20pm (Tuesday 11/10) has a story on the fight over the Rosetta Stone. You’d have to be confident that the Z-man should turn up on that.

    Peace and Respect
    You monkeys only think you’re running things

    1. thanks Greg……
      I watched it. I almost agree with him about returning the Rosetta Stone. Makes you wonder though, how many more artifacts of significants where used in building. We may never know.
      Those Egyptions of a few hundred years ago showed little or no respect for their heritage.

      DISCLAIMER: the opinions and veiws in this post are mine only and are not those of others or of TDG. Any similarities are by chance only.

    2. Good timing, thanks Greg
      I just caught it thanks to you.

      Zahi is all very earnest in his pleas to have the Rosetta Stone returned to Egypt and I understand how he feels about it, but he should remember that in the days when the Stone was found, the Egyptian authorities were busy selling off all their archeological treasures to the English French and Russians.The Germans did alright too.
      Now that history has changed things so much Zahi wants everything back.He should try to imagine how the Iraqis feel about all their treasures.
      I hope the Americans do not ever get angry with Egypt and decide to sort them out.I would hate to see the pyramids bombed.


  5. Wowee Zahi!
    Hi there Holy ones! This is my first post to your noble site, so I hope I don’t screw it up too badly. Some day I might even figure out what that “allowed HTML tags” bit means. BTW, a REALLY GREAT site!!!

    I just don’t get it. For someone as concerned as zh purports to be about revealing “the mystery of the pyramid”, since “people all over the world are waiting..etc., etc.”, he displays a certain intense lack of urgency. After Gantenbrink’s pioneering effort in 1993, he waits only a mere 9 years for the next step, taken by natl geo, in 2002. Well hey, it’s only been 3 years since then. Had to get the official website AND the official fansite going, after all!

    zh claims Gantenbrink was prohibited by the rules of Supreme Council… from doing further work, since he is an individual, not an organization. Well, natl geo is still an org, last time I checked.

    iRobot took a year to get their machine together; they proved they have the technology. Why did zh have to switch to the s’poreans to do the next phase?? Their robot design has apparently taken $250,000 and added another 2 years!! How could that have been necessary, or helpful to all of those “people all over the world…”? Did they make him a better “offer”? Why the change and the re-invention of the wheel it necessitated?

    Who or what is the real power behind zh? Is it really only about his pyramid-sized ego, or is someone else calling the shots?

    Okay, let’s see if I can give you a neat link:

    teehee ; )

  6. Does anyone know?
    I can recall reading in the past that a certain dual metal hook and a wooden pole were originally found in the shaft.

    A logical assumption would be that this hook was used to manipulate the stone door into its current position. From what I remember these items went missing some time ago.

    To carbon date the wooden pole would definitely confirm the last time there was activity inside the shaft before 1872.

    Does anyone have any information on this?

    1. yes I read that AA
      and I thought that the writer (GH?) signified that the articles represented the way the pyramid was built.
      A plumb bob and something else.
      A good way not to have to do carbon dating on something is to lose it.


        1. about zh’s closet…
          yeah, what you guys are referring to became known as the “Dixon Relics”.

          If you go the the Great-Preserver-of-Truth-&-Knowledge(‘s) own website:

          heck, he should have some good stuff, I mean after all

          but much better is:

          be sure to check out all Parts: 1 – 2 – 3

          definitely cool.

          teehee ; )

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