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Plenty of judgements to be entertained without conviction. Post your thoughts.

  • Geologists tackle landslide fire mystery.
  • A warmer world might not be a wetter one.
  • X-rays may provide the spark to generate powerful bolts of electricity.
  • High times for brain growth: marijuana-like drug multiplies neurons.
  • Fueling the future without oil.
  • Feuding over the origins of fossil fuels. Hydrocarbon heresy – rocks into gas.
  • Mars theory backs plate tectonics theory at work. Sounds like the new theory backs expansion also.
  • Rainmaking has its true believers and skeptics.
  • Catastrophe 11500 years ago.
  • Herding hurricanes. Some already think this sort of weather control already exists.
  • Gold-plated bacteria control current in sensitive gadget.
  • Experimental magnetic brain treatment could help rehabilitate stroke patients. And its effect on the healthy?
  • Chinese spice is cure for bird flu.
  • Was Washington attacked with a deadly pathogen?
  • Vaccination: a killer cure?
  • Are Jews smarter?
  • What sparked the divine idea?
  • A judgement entertained without conviction. The trouble with hypotheticals.
  • Strange dodecahedron of unknown function.
  • Earth’s rotation can lead to the deluge.
  • To the Moon: together or separately?
  • Antarctic glaciers calving at an unprecedented rate.
  • Hate crime laws as Orwellian Love.

Quote of the Day:

One must care about the truth to seek it, and one must not care about the truth to find it.