News Briefs 06-10-2005

Somebody spell-check this for me, my eyes are closed…

  • Did psychedelic drugs inspire human art and religion? Hey, I know that magazine – it’s a good one!
  • Catholic Church no longer swears by the Bible. Damn heathen Catholics!
  • Paul Davies on the ‘greatest discovery of all time (still to be made).
  • Now there’s something you don’t see every day: giant snake tries to eat alligator (unsuccessfully, although our thanks go to him for making a great photo). Yeesh, remind me never to go for a paddle through the Florida everglades.
  • Sneaky male spider plays dead to avoid being eaten, and sneaks on in to get some sex instead. Definitely the better of the two options as far as I’m concerned.
  • Here’s this week’s edition of New Scientist.
  • Mars-bound instrument shows its power by detecting microbes in the arctic.
  • Upcoming Ig Nobel awards will honour strange science.
  • Virginia town pioneers broadband-over-powerline technology.
  • More Big Brother breathing down your neck news – ‘payment by fingerprint‘ company gains further finance to build system. I’ve seen sales assistants chop up credit cards when there invalid…I don’t like the implications.
  • US military might be used to quarantine populations in the event of a pandemic.
  • New shockwave weapon to destroy incoming torpedoes.
  • Minority Report-like hand-waving navigation may be coming to a computer near you real soon.

Quote of the Day:

I suggest a simple experiment. Everytime you hear the expression “the war on drugs,” change it mentally to “the war on some drugs.”

Robert Anton Wilson