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Weekend Roundup 09-09-2005

Plenty of reading material for over the weekend…

  • The International Survivalist Society dusts off an archived essay from Hornell Hart, titled “What Is It That Survives?” (regarding death and the afterlife, not the reality television show).
  • Phenomena Magazine interviews Grant Cameron about Presidents and the hard evidence: bodies, wreckage, machinery. “A review of how the US Government has tried to tell the truth.”
  • Tim Boucher (with the niftily named ‘Pop Occulture’ website) investigates the Myths of Masonry – Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
  • A review of Michael Luckman’s book Alien Rock (Amazon US and UK).
  • Mark Pilkington gives a brief introduction to the eponymous Fortean researcher.
  • Filer’s Files #37 for 2005 has the week’s top UFO stories.


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