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Tuesday Roundup 20-09-2005

A varied list of readings to get you through the week…

  • has a review of Alex Grey’s wonderful book Transfigurations (Amazon US and UK).
  • Astrobiology Magazine has an interview with Brother Guy Consolmagno, Vatican Astronomer, on controversial science vs religion subjects such as Intelligent Design.
  • Randi’s latest weekly newsletter.
  • Filip Coppens meets Joe Black.
  • The Société Périllos website has Part 4 of their essay “Bérenger Saunière in Lyon.”
  • Professor Nemo’s guide to the true DaVinci code.
  • Hershel Shanks continues his personal battle with the Israeli Antiquities Authority (IAA) in a new essay, asking why they are trashing the pomegranate which may be the only evidence from Solomon’s Temple.
  • Robin Crookshank-Hilton tells you why she’s going to buy The Maranatha Puzzle (from the Phenomena website).
  • An audio interview (downloadable mp3) with Jim Marrs on remote viewing, 911 conspiracy theories and more.


  1. Maranatha
    So what happens if they fall short of the 130’000 pre-orders needed before mid-September? Will they reveal the truth about the Holy Grail? Will they share their enlightenment, and assist us on the path to achieving enlightenment through our own efforts?

    I doubt it.

    Edit They have already reached the 130’000 pre-order target. You fools! What have you done?!End edit

    There’s too much spin-doctoring going on for my liking, and it’s an obvious effort to sell units. These people aren’t enlightened guides — they’re salespeople, and they’re testing the market … and I’m not going to get sucked in by it (I have enough shares in Amway already).

    Don’t believe me? Well, the internet is FREE. No publishing costs to cover. Why not publish it on the internet? Why should people have to pay for enlightenment, and be bribed by money?

    And another thing … who the hell are they to determine whether we’re ready or not for the secret of the Holy Grail?! I don’t like being patronised, especially by salespeople.

    If Dan Brown never wrote The Da Vinci Code, would the Maranatha Puzzle have even been conceived? They’re cashing in, if you ask me. Not just through book sales — but tv appearances, interview fees, magazine articles, future book deals …

    I know I said I’ll be open-minded and give it a go, but I changed my mind. Call it enlightenment. I’ll get the book second-hand, that way I’m not supporting their capitalist con.

      1. One Million
        ONE MILLION POUNDS is being offered to the first person to decode the book and forward a successful claim!

        Are employees, family, and friends of Priory Publications (GB) excluded from claiming the prize? 😉

        130’000 x 7.99 pounds = 1’038’700 pounds. Not bad. It’ll be a nervous wait to see if people actually do pay and order the book, though …

        Maybe I’m being too cynical about the whole thing …

        Hang on, I just realised they lied to us. It says on the official website that “… a sponsor offered the idea of putting the discovery in the form of a puzzle.”

        Yet the one-million pound prize money isn’t coming from a sponsor at all, it’s “… raised by the actual sales of the book, just like the prize funds of the lottery,” according to Duncan Burden, head of the Maranatha Puzzle team.

        There was no sponsor donating the money, it was a lie, and it’s enough to convince me not to trust them.


        1. Not quite
          “… a sponsor offered the idea of putting the discovery in the form of a puzzle.”

          Doesn’t necessarily refer to the money. The sponsor could have offered to finance the book/puzzle part (ie. manufacturing etc).

          Peace and Respect
          You monkeys only think you’re running things

          1. Missing something…
            I went ahead and ordered a copy. I don’t expect to be enlightened, but I’m up for a good puzzle. Here’s a point that needs to be made. If this book offers the Truth, why is there a sequel already planned for release next year?


          2. Sequels are never as good as the original
            The first book is the Key. The second book will be the Lock. Normally with a puzzle, the lock is offered first and the key would be the prize. Hmm, perhaps therein lies the first clue … dammit, my curiosity is getting the better of me. I will not be sucked in I will not be sucked in I will not be sucked in …

          3. How many in the series though…
            I reread a section of the Marantha website. I thought I originally read that three books would be in the series, but now I can’t find that information on the site. A link called Future Releases leads to the second book in the series with no mention of how many are planned. Me thinks the Truth could have been done in one book. I can see it now, due to lack of preorders, the second book won’t be published and those of us that have ordered the first book will be left with half the Truth. Meanwhile, the Truth is still out there.


          4. Preorders
            Having a definite figure of preorders is a good way to show a potential publisher that a market is already established and willing to buy the book. Publishers don’t know if a first-time author will sell or not, it’s a big risk publishing the book. With a definite figure of preorders already establish, there’s less risk and the publishers get a fair idea of what they’ll achieve with the book. It’s a good way to get a publishing deal, especially for a first-time author. I know, because I was thinking about something similar several years ago. 😉

          5. That’s a good point, but my m
            That’s a good point, but my main point to the series is ‘me thinks the Truth could be revealed in one book rather than a series.’ Unless the Truth is make as much money as you can? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying play the part of the antagonist, but if their goal is to enlighten people, I have to agree with your comment that the internet is FREE and or cheaper…

          6. Secrets
            “In the beginning we attempted to write a book that simply announced our discovery …”

            If their “key” is such a profound and enlightening answer to the Holy Grail and Philosopher’s Stone mysteries, then a publisher would have snapped it up in an instant. Especially in the wake of Dan Brown’s success. Graham Hancock has proven that a book investigating ancient mysteries can be successful and influential. The market is ripe for the Maranatha Puzzle, a book that contains answers to one of the greatest mysteries of modern and ancient times.

            I still can’t help but feel that the methods used by Priory Publications (GB) Ltd to market and sell the Maranatha Puzzle is a bit suspicious. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of them has worked in advertising or publicity. There’s personal gain to be made from the sales of this book, and the subsequent publicity and hype, and I don’t believe for a second that it’s all for our benefit. Writers, and self-publishers, aren’t that charitable. 😉

          7. preorders
            What if they’re just SAYING they have a definite figure of preorders?

            I’m not the least bit curious – ’cause I think the whole thing is a load of bunk.


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