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News Briefs 27-08-2005

See how many B-movie plotlines you can spot in today’s news…

  • The ‘net overflows with news of the discovery of a $10 billion treasure on Robinson Crusoe island (more at New Scientist). Note that most stories have skirted around the fact that this treasure has been ‘located’, not ‘found’…in other words, someone thinks they’ve found the thing they were looking for, but haven’t dug it up yet. See here for a saner view.
  • Hurricane Katrina may have freed military-trained dolphins carrying toxic dart guns, to be used for attack-and-kill missions against divers.
  • Australian ‘hobbit’ discoverers under fire as skeptics claim the alleged new species was just a diseased human.
  • Corporate kingpins employ primate behaviour to become king of the office jungle.
  • How tobacco companies are trying to get inside your head with their bizarre subliminal advertising ideas.
  • Left-handed women may be at more risk of breast cancer, according to a new study.
  • Microtubules in the brain may be linked to mental disorders. Stu Hameroff and Roger Penrose may be quite interested in this.
  • Bees defend their hive by cooking would-be invaders with their body heat.
  • Killer lakes in Cameroon may strike again soon. That’s right, killer l-a-k-e-s. I told you it was B-movie day…
  • Bird flu claims two more lives in Indonesia as fears of a global pandemic rise again.
  • NSA (National Security Agency/No Such Agency) patents Internet location-tracking technology. Can you feel Big Brother breathing on the back of your neck?
  • Dermal display is a computer monitor in your skin, made of 3 billion ‘pixel bots’. I’d prefer Molly’s retinal display (from Neuromancer).
  • Deadly plague hits online World of Warcraft. Kind of funny how the virtual world continues to parallel our ‘reality’…
  • Microgrids may be the peer-to-peer technology of the energy industry.
  • Robot being built to climb alien cliffs.
  • The race is on to build a stairway to heaven.
  • NASA administrator says humans will colonize the Solar System.
  • Japan builds a ship to drill to the Earth’s mantle.
  • The archaeology of alien civilisations – seeking the cosmic Rosetta Stone.
  • Did the Israelites worship a Goddess? Did God Have a Wife is available from Amazon US and UK.
  • Irish dispute over highway near Tara – where the relics meet the road.
  • Archaeologists discover possible ritual burial of two infants, dating back 27,000 years.
  • New England man missing after allegedly mocking a coven of witches. Yes, this is 2005.
  • Bigfoot experts pass on their beastly tales.
  • The power of Jesus Christ can save you from alien abduction. Two-part video story.
  • The UFOs are coming. Are we ready? Sure, just pack some Jesus power and bring ’em on!
  • Researcher says his ‘sixth sense‘ is no such thing.
  • Can weird science save the Boston Red Sox?
  • Perhaps they should try some weird sex instead. Investigation into giant squids shows they may accidentally inseminate themselves during violent sex…hey, manipulating tentacles and a penis that big is always going to have its dangers!
  • 2005 has been a bumper year for new species – 20,000 expected.
  • Want to support scientific investigation into the efficacy of medical marijuana?

Quote of the Day:

The trouble with fiction…is that it makes too much sense. Reality never makes sense

Aldous Huxley

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