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Author Robert Lomas (Turning the Hiram Key) has updated his website with a new section asking for your thoughts on Freemasonry:

During my recent book launch tour for Turning The Hiram Key I have been doing quite a lot of public speaking about the spiritual dimension that I find in Freemasonry. I’ve spoken to a wide range of people and heard mostly positive views but I’m curious to learn if other people share this perception with me. I’ve made this new page – The Meaning Of Masonry – available for anyone to post their thoughts.

Robert’s certainly busy – he has taken part in a debate about the spiritual aspects of Freemasonry for BBC Radio Four’s Beyond Belief which will be available as a webcast from the 5th of September, he will also be attending the Orkney Science Festival again this year, and he has also done an article and radio interview for Astraea Magazine. As a feather in Robert’s cap also, the University of Bradford has issued a press release praising him for his work on uncovering the history of Freemasonry. Thanks Dave.