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Weekend Roundup 19-08-2005

Plenty of reading material for over the weekend…

  • MAPS has an excellent essay – actually a statement for an upcoming DEA hearing – from Lester Grinspoon (father of astrobiologist David Grinspoon by the way) titled “History of Cannabis as a Medicine“. An excellent historical overview that people should be aware of.
  • SETI man Seth Shostak continues his crusade against Ufology. I like Shostak, but isn’t there a certain perverse irony here that a SETI scientist is arguing against Ufology because of a lack of evidence?
  • Nick Redfern tells you how weird Texas is. Any state home to Bill, Cernig and Dubya has gotta be weird.
  • The International Survivalist Society dusts off an archived essay from Cesare Lombroso, titled “ Mediums and Magicians in Savage Tribes“. For those worried about the lack of political correctness in this article, bear in mind that it was written in 1909.
  • Tim Boucher takes to the recent abduction study at Harvard with a big stick.
  • Mark Pilkington discusses the fire in the sky during the year of 1783.
  • Filer’s Files #35 for 2005 has the week’s top UFO stories.


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