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Otto Rahn Book

Grail readers may be interested in a new, independently published biography of Nazi ‘Grail hunter’ Otto Rahn:

In 1930 language scholar Rahn travelled to the South of France to find the Grail treasures, convinced he had cracked a code in the pages of Wolfram von Eschenbach’s classic novel “Parsifal” and identified the hiding place of the Treasures of the Temple of Solomon. Many believe Rahn was ordered to the Languedoc by Hitler and his inner circle to find these ancient talismans of power. Even today no one knows if Rahn ever did find the Grail. Otto Rahn took his secrets to the grave when in March 1939 he committed suicide…or did he?

This self-published book is available in either a 355 page book for $19.95, or as a downloadable ‘eBook’ for $8.35. Thanks Marcus.

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