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Filling in for Jameske today…you can call me Gregske.

  • A dreamer led astray: a review of Finding Atlantis: A true story of genius, madness, and an extraordinary quest for a lost world (Amazon US and UK).
  • Avebury stone circle holds air of mystery.
  • A brand new view of the New World.
  • Inca ruins uncovered near frosty peak.
  • Ancient secrets of plants’ miracle cures unravelled in the laboratory.
  • Stone Age engravings found in Long Hole Cave. With photos.
  • Survey seeks insight into Out-of-Body Experiences (OBEs).
  • Satanic music influenced Church arson (I’m sure the half bottle of Bourbon had nothing to do with it). But which Satanic music is he talking about? Mariah, Britney, or some other crud dominating the ‘charts’ at the moment?
  • Police storm Utah rave party with dogs, assault rifles and tear gas (with pics, video, and Sheriff’s statement).
  • Gloucestershire police investigate orange lights in the sky.
  • Relatives of family approve of Kelly Green Men film.
  • Loren Coleman calls Tom Biscardi over his ‘captured Bigfoot’ claim.
  • Greenland glacier is melting away. Slartibartfast will be stressing out…
  • Placebos trigger an opoid hit in the brain.
  • Did huge volcanic blasts snuff out the Dinos?
  • The struggle over science. More on the subject here. Science versus Christianity: it’s bigger than King Kong meets Godzilla!
  • While everyday people go in search of personal ecstatic experiences (Bill Hicks recommended five dried grams of psilocybin mushrooms).
  • Christian broadcaster Pat Robertson calls for the assassination of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. No harm done, who listens to Pat Robertson anyhow (besides George W. Bush and millions of conservative Christians)….

Thanks Kat and Rico.

Quote of the Day:

Feminism encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism and become lesbians.

Pat Robertson