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I stayed up far too late watching the cricket…it’s been a tough job collecting the news today.

  • The New York Times reviews Abducted: How People Come to Believe They Were Kidnapped by Aliens (Amazon US and UK – preorder for October), by Susan Clancy of Harvard University (is Harvard trying to exorcise their ‘personal demon’?). The headline shows what an informed individual we have reviewing this book on abductions…
  • Another Atlantis candidate. I can’t keep track anymore.
  • Behind the scenes, there’s a lot of doubt about the ‘fundamentals’ of cosmology.
  • Teach your child the ABC a different way – H.P. Lovecraft style. Alternative title perhaps Bub’s Niggurath? Hmm, rhymes with “take a bath” too…I see I have a future in children’s writing.
  • They’re working hard to find intelligence in Edinburgh. I should say ‘artificial intelligence’, before Cernig comes over and slaps me upside the head.
  • Carbon nanotubes may heal broken bones. Hurrah for the inanimate carbon rod!
  • Nasal spray clears Alzheimer’s brain plaques.
  • HIV breakthrough raises hopes for a cure.
  • Virus gene may be key to anti-aging treatment.
  • Geologists slab back at Bush.
  • Weird science from the religious right. Unknown if Kelly LeBrock is part of their vision.
  • Small town council faces big bill from Wiccan, after ruling against using the name of Jesus Christ in prayers before meeting.
  • How Witchcraft Made America: a review of Judge Sewall’s Apology: the Salem Witch Trials and the Forming of a Conscience (Amazon US and UK), by Richard Francis.
  • Scientists’ belief in God varies by discipline.
  • Kelsey Grammer (Frasier) talks to dead people. He’s had a tough run with the family tragedies.
  • Psychologist Robert A. Baker – “there are no haunted places, only haunted people” – dies aged 84.
  • Digital birth ID stirs privacy debate. I had a hard enough time with being fingerprinted as I entered the US as part of their ‘Visitor Induction Program’. I felt so special getting the VIP treatment.
  • US shoots ahead in stun gun design.
  • Undersea adventurer Robert Ballard explores ‘lost city‘ (natural formation) using the latest in technology.
  • Smugglers of Egyptian artifacts get prison sentences of up to 55 years.
  • First fully-jointed Neandertal skeleton constructed.
  • Ancient floor‘ a work of nature, not man.
  • Easter Island residents seek autonomy from Chile.
  • What will be the name of the newly discovered ‘tenth planet’? Sitchin supporters probably need not apply (and don’t even think about it Jameske!). And it may be bigger than first thought. Hmmm, giving it a name, bigger than first thought…are we talking about a planet here?
  • British MoD open-minded about alien encounters. No wonder nobody is seeing UFOs anymore, with the cricket so darn exciting (yes, I know – cricket and exciting are strange words to pair).
  • Alien author tours the US in his motor home.
  • To go where no man has gone before: take a visit to a Sci-Fi convention.
  • Undiscovered giant waterfall found in California. A new place for BMB to take the silver Coleman?
  • A pee-powered battery the size of a credit card. Now drunk guys have an excuse for p*ssing their pants…”just charging up sweetheart!”
  • Polar bear swims 50 miles in one day.
  • Psychic’s crystal ball burns down his flat.
  • Praying Mantis spears Hummingbird. Man, I’ve been hanging out on the Bird Watcher’s Digest website for seven years waiting for a big story to break…I knew the wait would be worth it.

Quote of the Day:

One has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws.

Martin Luther King