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An intriguing new website promoting an upcoming book: the Maranatha Puzzle. The website is advertising a 1 million pound prize guaranteed to be awarded to whoever uncovers the ‘key’within the book Maranatha: Et in Arcadia Ego. Additionally, the website states that one third of all profits from book sales are to be given to registered charities:

Within this book, written by an anonymous author and sponsored by a private investor, is a genuine secret, a ‘Key’ that has been kept hidden for centuries!

This ‘Key’ unlocks the greatest treasure known to history. To some that treasure is called ‘Nicolas Flamel’s Philosopher’s Stone’, to others it is known as the ‘Lost Treasure of the Knights Templar. But to most it is called the ‘Holy Grail’

Nicolas Flamel Discovered it, Leonardo da Vinci Encoded it, Will you Reveal it?

The book will be available in retail outlets on 29th October 2005, or you can pre-order online now to receive a copy on the 13th October. Thanks Frank.