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Area 51 Album

Here’s one for the Area 51 ‘fans’ out there: a gallery of interesting satellite images taken around the Groom Lake area using Google Map. Certainly some fascinating pictures in there, feel free to suggest your own if you have some.

Beyond Google Map though, if you have a fast computer and a 3D graphics card, I recommend checking out Google Earth (free download). This program maps the whole Earth using satellite imagery, and with topographical information included, you can literally fly over any part of the world that you choose (even if it doesn’t quite map the pyramids correctly!). Jaw-dropping stuff, check it out if you have the hardware. See for example, these fly-over pics of Groom Lake, and of the fascinating eye in the triangle and Seal of Solomon which can be found around the area (pardon the pun).

  1. now that is interesting
    I would like to hear a logical explaination for at least some of those sites. Heres a perfect chance for all those UFO debunkers to explain away what is shown on those slides. I’m not saying there is any conection here to extraterestial activity at area 51 but if there isn’t then explain what we can see there. And why?
    Thanks Greg for that one.

    DISCLAIMER:the opinions and veiws in this post are mine only and do not nesessarily reflect those of others.

      1. the round one
        Yes Kat…it doe’s to me to although not like any i’ve seen. Now try some of the others????
        Hey Kat, I believe it is 2:15am now where you are….you really should sleep you know!

        DISCLAIMER:the opinions and veiws in this post are mine only and do not nesessarily reflect those of others.

    1. area 51
      just a quick glace at these photos shows me a test or firing range and very clearly too. this is still a top secret base for development of new aircraft and they would need to try their weapons out somewhere so… right there on the base would be logical. I don’t see any connection between these photos and UFOs, does anyone else?

    2. ok some
      The ones that look like targets are targets, for bombing practice. Navy uses similar ones, except they are big flags with targets on them, and they drage them behind airplanes.

      1. targets
        Seen plenty of bombing targets like these… with similar bomb patterns around them. Even nuclear bombing ranges had targets arranged in circles… to check out damage at certain ranges.
        Maybe someone would like to check out other bombing or target ranges with the help of that google map site so as to make a few comparisons?

  2. I am very curious as to why i
    I am very curious as to why in the world the Seal of Solomon would be etched in the damn sand out in the middle of nowhere. Can someone verify that is indeed the seal of solomon? The details are hard to make out.

    1. hexagram – not Seal of Solomon
      It’s a six pointed star, formed from six smaller triangles, with only the inner points of those six triangles touching.

      The two large triangles which form a Seal of Solomon are composed of straight lines. Since there are no straight lines forming two large triangles, the apparent Seal of Solomon is an optical illusion.

      Many drawings of the Seal of Solomon attempt to show it as three-dimensional, with the lines of each triangle interlaced where they cross. From personal experience, I know it actually has more than 3 dimensions.


  3. OMG
    i’ve just been playing with that thingy. I can zoom onto my x-wifes house clearly at 1000 ft. i can even see the trampoline in the back yard! this is cool! but not all areas have a high res. shame….but maybe soon.

    DISCLAIMER:the opinions and veiws in this post are mine only and do not nesessarily reflect those of others.

  4. OK, Now for the truth
    These aren’t devil worship or UFO approach path indicators. The “eye in the triangle” is an old bombing target which was used in WWII by B-24 crews flying out of the Tonopah Airport (still active). The “Seal of Solomon” is an active bombing target configured to replicate the Soviet SA-2 missile system (ask any fighter or bomber pilot from Viet Nam). Pretty boring really, but definitely not anything more than neat pictures.

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