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Alford on Dunn

Author and ‘alternative historian’ Alan Alford (The Midnight Sun) has updated his website with a critique of Chris Dunn’s “Giza Power Plant” hypothesis regarding the construction of the Great Pyramid:

Dunn’s power plant theory has some good points, notably the idea of resonance in the King’s Chamber, but on too many aspects it is at odds with the physical evidence inside the Great Pyramid.

An interesting read, and good to see a critique playing the ball, not the man.

  1. Interesting Concept
    An interesting concept having Alan Alford comment on Chris Dunn’s work and theories on the GP. One of the great quotes from this critique:

    “Here, Dunn stretches our credulity to the limit.”

    I can recall outlaying $20 AUD for a book several years ago which outlined the “exploded planets theory” which explained everything that the ‘ancient Egyptians’ built and aligned their structures to. An absolute load of ####, that now collects dust somewhere in the garage prior to the garage sale. No substance, little fact, twisted into a theory about a planet that exploded thousands of years before the so called builders of the Giza structures existed.

    The author: Alan Alford.

    Another quote from the Dunn critique by Alan Alford:

    “Firstly, there is no evidence for the vertical shaft, nor the copper cables.”

    I don’t ever recall seeing any evidence of an exploding or exploded planet!

    More quotes:

    “On a personal note, Dunn is a likeable and intelligent man who evidently possesses boldness of thought and an open mind, and it will be interesting to see whether he can now extend these qualities to the revision – or even abandonment – of his theory!”

    How’s the exploding planet theory progressing Alan? Would you care to revise it, or abandon it?

    Why would one throw mud at other’s work when they are covered in multiple layers of the same material?


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