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UFO Review #11

The latest issue (#11) of the free online magazine UFO Review has been released – head to the UR website to download it in either PDF or Word doc format. The latest issue is devoted completely to the new book by Nick Redfern, titled Body Snatchers in the Desert : The Horrible Truth at the Heart of the Roswell Story (Amazon US and UK):

Through never-before-revealed testimony from military whistleblowers, eyewitness intelligence reports, and an astonishing body of corroborative evidence, Nick Redfern lays out a shockingly plausible new theory on the Roswell incident: that the crash-site discovery of prototype military aircraft would expose a damning secret — a highly confidential, U.S. government-sanctioned program to conduct medical experiments on deformed, handicapped, disfigured, and diseased Japanese POWs, exploited as “expendable” victims by their captors.

Describing Nick’s book, Stuart Miller of UFO Review says that the Roswell mystery/controversy has been “cracked at last”. Issue 11 is basically a 50 page interview with Nick, talking about the new book, and how it affects Ufology. Highly recommended.

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