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System of Shpongle Forces

Welcome to June – with the change of month I’ve swapped in a few new things to our ‘Cool Things’ sidebox (over to the right –>). This time, we’re heading away from non-fiction books: we’re featuring Unseen Forces by Ed Kovacs, a new fiction work which incorporates plenty of our favourite subjects, including remote viewing, maverick archaeology and secret societies. Our very own Rico will also be adding a review of the novel to TDG soon, along with an interview with Ed Kovacs, so stay tuned for that.

Along with Unseen Forces, we’re featuring two new CDs this month. At the top we have the latest (and probably last) album from Shpongle, titled Nothing Lasts – great consciousness bending music…for a sample listen head over to Juno. It’s music that grows on you more everytime you listen to it. Along with Shpongle, we’re also featuring the new album from System of a Down, Mezmerize. Not much to align itself with TDG, apart from the fact that the band isn’t a big fan of the status quo. But I had to include, it just rocks so damn hard.

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