News Briefs 28-06-2005

Half way through the year already…blink and you’ll miss it.

Quote of the Day:

The known is finite, the unknown is infinite; intellectually we stand on an islet in the midst of an illimitable ocean of inexplicability. Our business in every generation is to reclaim a little more land.

Thomas H. Huxley

  1. That’s 2 new theories for the identity of Jack the Ripper
    I have not heard those two theories before so that is very
    But the most interesting link was about the dolphins with the sponges.
    Doesn’t it just blow you away thinking of dolphins putting sponges on their little noses to protect them from sharp rocks.

    They wouldn’t be the first animals to do this sort of thing though, apart from the apes with their sticks etc.
    Sea otters keep a special rock with which to smash their clam shells.

    Animals are terrific.Seeing animals in action is a preview of heaven.

    Great links thanks Greg.


    1. Thanks Shadows
      Hi Shadows,

      I haven’t said before, but I’m sure I speak for all the news admins in thanking you for your regular ‘thanks’ to our news collections. Makes a few hours of work worthwhile!

      Peace and Respect
      You monkeys only think you’re running things

      1. Oh that’s lovely!
        Thanks Greg,I am back on board with two new eyes, not quite the best, but I am no longer going blind which would have happened to me within about 3 months had I not had surgery.
        I hope too that I am not so bitchy to you and the others who work so hard for our enjoyment as well.
        Thanks for putting up with me the way you have in the past when I was at my worst.
        Things have been tough for a while.
        Last week we lost our young relative 37 who was diagnosed with cancer in February.
        I told you all about him at the time.
        But the world goes on and we must go on with it.

        Kind regards,


        1. many thanks
          Hi shadows…..been struggling with ADSL out here in the wilderness..hehe…but all fine now. Very pleased to here you may be able to continue with the sighted for a while longer.
          Just been through the cancer thing with my dad. All is good after surgery and looking promising.
          Yes..Greg and his many helpers are doing a remarkable job and do need to be congradulated for their intence effort.
          Funny how Greg moved to brissy at the same time I left the area.
          But I don’t miss it…only miss my kids who live there.
          Hope for the future for all…..drop me a line if Greg sent you my addy.
          This is the first night I’ve been able to log in for a long time….thanks to the Gov’s rural communication’s special effort.
          not to mention a little compertition to telstra in the bush.
          by the way…I remember you at your worst a few years ago…hehe.
          don’t lose that spirit…just tame it!
          luv ya..the flopps…

          1. Hey floppy!!!!
            I luv ya too mate!

            Sorry to hear about your dad, but it is good that it looks promising.

            Sorry as well about your kids, mate, I know that is a biggie and something you never get over.

            I hope all is well for you now and life is moving ahead for you.

            I did have your addy but the big crash of ’05 took care of that.I will prevail on the good Greg to send it to me again.

            Now don’t you go remembering me a few years ago, it’s enough that I remember it.
            Jesus I am grateful that we all grow with age otherwise I would be a stunted little person.

            I heard about the new rural communications.Remember I left the country 6 years ago.
            It is so good to hear from you.Did I ever tell you that you have one of the nicest voices I have ever heard?
            Don’t worry, I’m not about to jump your bones, I’m taken and far too old for a cute little chicken like you.

            Keep in touch.

            love shadows

          2. chicken hah
            aaawwwwh, well i’m all embarassed………
            if 45 is still a chicken then I look forward to when i’m a rooster…hehehe.
            I think I still have your addy somewhere. If so I will right and swap landline numbers and you can hear my voice again.
            Flattery will get you everywhere……….
            luv ya….flopps….

        2. More Lovey-Dovey Stuff

          Good to see you back at TDG, and very glad your surgery went well.

          Unless Captain hacked your password again, and it’s a parrot I’m replying to …


          1. Thanks Rick
            You could be right you know, that darn Captain is the smartest thing on two legs in this house.
            He now has a routine which consists of a cough, a fart, a hiccup, a burp,microwave beeps and the ringing telephone.
            Not to mention all the smart alec answers he always gives when spoken to.
            Like “Move it!” when he wants to go out, and “Here we go” at top pitch when he wants off the cage.
            He calls and whistles the dogs, screams at the TV,bites me if I won’t kiss him on the tummy, and altogether behaves just like a man.
            But I wouldn’t swap him for anything.

            love shadows

  2. Dowsing for water… and ghosts
    If I can just interrupt this love-fest for one comment (genuinely heart-warming though it is)…
    I was reading that article on finding water “with a forked stick” and was reminded of something I read a number of years back about an archeologist named TC Lethbridge.
    Lethbridge had rather eccentric views on spritiualism and humans’ abilities. One of the more interesting was that he believed dowsing to be controlled by the person holding the forked stick rather than the forked stick finding the water itself. While people like Randi claim that dowsing is nought but a naive belief and claims to have disproved it by pointing out that muscles in the wrist makes the stick jump up and down this fits in perfecty well with Lethbridge’s ideas.
    Lethbridge therefore claimed that the human mind was subconsciously detecting the water and was making the wrist muscles reflect this.
    Seems straightforward enough… to a degree.
    The best I could find on the web was this:

    Interestingly he also claimed he had gotten to the bottom of what people believe are ghosts. His notion surrounding this was based upon something we’ll all have noticed and I’ll give an example: You’re standing at the kitchen sink washing the dishes; It’s mundane enough for your brain to step down a few gears and start playing some music in your head. You finish the dishes off and sit in front of the TV for a couple of hours (shame on you). Later on you head back through to the kitchen and the same music re-enters your head. Next morning you awake and shuffle through to the kitchen, flick the kettle on and notice that same music playing in your head again – a sort of involuntary reminiscence of a memory.
    What Lethbridge claimed was that if the prevailing mood was so strong when a memory was created it could somehow (I think through the “medium” of electromagnetism) make an indelible impression on the surrounding environment.
    In times to come anyone that walked through this environment and was in a susceptible frame of mind would have this reminiscence induced in their consciousness.
    He had formed this opinion during his afternoon constitution when he noticed he felt in a depression all of a sudden. A moment later he felt fine, but upon returning to the spot he felt down once more. He them claims that he could walk around this spot on the path and enclose the area where this depression was being experienced. Of course, he reckoned that the temporal depression was caused by something bad happening in the spot at some point in the past.

    With such a cursory summary as this it might seem to make a modicum of sense. Especially as there’s weight mounting behind the belief that ghostly sensations are induced in the brain by electromagnetism in the environment.

    1. That’s very interesting
      I think I read something about Lethbridge once, the name is familiar.Of course it is the person doing the dowsing, not the stick.

      You always hear about some old bloke who can dowse no matter what he picks up.

      The ghost thing always seems to me to be a place rather than a thing, if you know what I mean.
      My own mother saw the ghost of a Chinese man,a market gardener,who would have worked the land when it was a market garden and much lower than when the developers moved in and built it up.
      She always wondered why she only saw this short figure passing the window each night and then found out about the land being raised.

      She sat in the same place at night and he walked in the same place each night.


    2. dowsing…ghosts…
      I’ll ignore the luv fest remarks…i’m but a chicken…
      I dowse quite reguarly. I use a willow branch. A thin new shoot. Never fails, but you don’t want any wind. My sister uses the bent wire in both hands and has equal success as me. We have tried it together to see what happens.

      Subject change

      Ghosts are no more than an echo in time and space. All existance is dictated by it’s vibrational level. What has happened in the past is still where it happened, but in a different vibration. If we could control our vibration we could go right back to the beginning and watch it all happen. But that could be terminal.???
      Every now and then a vibrational shift allows a moment of vision to the past in that spot of time and space.
      But on the other hand….I would not rule out the soul of a loved one manifesting shortly after death in front of a closley bonded relative. These are quiet common but short lived.
      I would not put them in the same cadagory as common apparitions of unknown people to the wittness.
      These I believr to be echo’s.

      1. Buzzwords
        Echos and vibrations – aren’t these just words that people who believe in the (currently) unexplainable use to fill in the blanks?

        It’s not that I’m being impertinent to what you believe in but I’m sure I’m not the only reader hoping for a more enlightening explanation.

        1. buzzlightyear,,,,,,
          Can’t the answer be as simple as that,or do you feel a complex explaination would be more true than a simple one?
          When communicating on the net this way……words are all we have.
          if every thing in every dimension has a state or pitch of vibrational level to be seen or felt. Then could it not be so that an entity out of sink with that particular existence fade in and out of another existence.
          The great men of Tibet believe so.
          I believe there is also a much deeper explaination of this on the Falon Gong site in one of the lectures.
          If you would like I could fill the blanks with much more detail next time.
          buzzing off now….cheers….flopster…

  3. Greed Inc.

    With growing amazement i read the article on the wtc janitor, who not only behaved bravely then, but still does, defying all the pressure and orchestrated ignoring.
    Considering nobody responded thusfar, i d say the real terrorists are allmost safe as this story got thusfar no response here, tired as most are with all the devious plots, let alone the word conspiracy. What can i say, read the article and make your mind up, if you dare, i wrote on the 12th the damn wtc was blown up, greg may have it on file still.

    Let me tell you- its a test and if we fail its good bye free world. They’ll know they can get away with anything- i repeat anything,

    ” do unto others as you would have them do unto you “

  4. I have to have a crack at Randi
    Well, the beige man in the beige coat has dispensed his “less” than wise assistance to the ones he calls “The Grubbys”.

    First of all he attacks Sylvia Browne over her book for children about Heaven.
    People can treat it the way they treat all the children’s books on talking animals and magic.
    Religious literature for children is often appalling with what it tries to convince them is true, but you don’t see him attacking them.

    When he posted the letter from the moron who complained about Alex the talking parrot I wanted to hit him.
    These stupid people have obviously not lived with animals as Jane Goodall has.And I have.
    And here you are Mr Randi,FYI,my parrot is psychic too.
    He starts imitating the phone ringing before it rings.My dog Pepe also starts barking before the phone rings.
    I stop what I am doing and then I hear the phone.
    It can be 5 seconds before it actually rings.

    Very often a favourite relative rings to tell us he is 5 minutes away by car.The minute he rings the dogs and parrot go berserk with the happy noises they keep for him, full of excitement.
    Do they hear his voice on the phone?
    Sometimes it is someone in his car who rings and not him.Can they understand English?

    I get bloody furious with people who are not familiar with animals making statements about what is or is not true about them.
    I can remember being taught in the convent that animals have no souls and no feeling.They are here solely for our use.
    In my opinion that is why animals have always been so badly treated, because the Bible apparenly says so.

    Randi definitely needs a little colour in his life.When he looks at a rainbow he only sees a mark in the sky.
    I see magic.


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