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Don’t Call Me Crazy

We don’t post a lot on conspiracy theories here, but I thought it worth linking to this well-made documentary on the true-life happenings of supposed ‘paranoid’ Robert Lansberry. Titled “Don’t Call Me Crazy on the 4th of July”, it takes a look at the way in which government agenices have targeted and marginalised not only this particular individual, but also many others. It’s around 20 minutes long, and is available freely as a Quicktime movie on the linked page (broadband is required).

  1. take the red pill

    Man of hope, certainly not paranoid, this qualification fits , without reservation, the agencies, and government in general. Its a frightening little documentairy, in the sense that the experiments touched upon were crude, yet they show the lenghts people will go, and yes scientists too, to control the other.

    I’m reminded of the many links that have shown up on the tdg news recently, where neurologists experiment with and explain the human brain/mind, to what end , are we to believe this is for the benefit of the general public, or yo find means to test and subsequently adjust wrong thinking ? I remind you of the bush adm pushing for a sanity testing. Pharmaceutical field days ahead, when the americans are allready the heaviest users by far.

    Mindcontrol ? They’ll hardly give out a communique on that one.

    ” do unto others as you would have them do unto you “

      1. an awful accident
        That crash was awful and the loss of so many committed young people will be a major loss for the community.

        I heard that the scientist did top secret work for the CSIRO.
        I will try and find out exactly what.


          1. I suggested it to him..
            …but he reminded me that he is in the middle of reading Proust,not to mention that he is still writing his memoirs.
            So I took that as a no.


          2. suggested it
            Didn’t you mean to say Captain was in the middle of eating Proust? Since you’re posting comments, he must be laying off the computer keys for a change.

            But I agree that was a no from him — he has his work cut out for him, spying on you. mawwhhahaha (as Rico would say)


          3. I bought a new keyboard
            so that he could have the other one to write his memoirs.

            I want Captain to grow up literate so I make available to him all the best literature.

            BTW are your kitty kats writing their memoirs?
            If not you have been slack in not providing a keyboard for them.


          4. To Archdake – cats should rule the world
            Their free to use my keyboard anytime they please, but so far I haven’t been able to lure the fat little suckers away from the food bowl. But back about 6 weeks ago, I wrote Archdake a comment he apparently never saw…

            Hi Archdake,

            If you haven’t taught Hairball to read yet, why don’t you have a go at it. Somewhere here in Denver there’s a cat named Zanaboo whose humans used to frequently say that if he had opposable thumbs, he’d rule the world. A couple of years ago, a friend of mine gave him the thumbs, procured at a magic shop, as a Christmas present, so I’m sure he’s learned to use them by now. So I also suggest you get some thumbs for Hairball, so he can access your computer on his own.

            Since our current politicians here in the U.S. are making such a mess of things, it’s high time Hairball and Zanaboo introduced themselves through the internet, so they can gang up on these power brokers, and set the world straight. All they’d need to do is get one law enacted, requiring all politicians to adopt a homeless cat. These cats would immediately force the politicians to cease thinking only of themselves. And since no human can sleep when a cat is meowing or staring at them, the politicians would also be forced to wake up.

            This would be an easy trick to pull off if Zanaboo and Hairball work together, because as everyone knows, no human can ignore or handle two feisty, determined cats.

            Let me know if Hairball needs an interpreter, since I speak fluent cat and my fur-buddy Worf telepaths in fluent English.


          5. I sent Captain out on recce
            by helicopter because he is too fat to fly and here is the report he returned to me.

            The scientist killed in the Cape York plane crash was Dr David Banks principle scientist with Biosecurity Australia,( a division of the CSIRO)involved in controlling pest and disease threats.
            He was an expert in the propagation of diseases by insect vectors, among other things,and his primary mission was stated to be protecting livestock and plants in this country, and stopping diseases from crossing into Oz.

            Thanks to my dear friend Ann for the information.


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