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Just a quick heads-up to point out a new disclaimer at the bottom of the page. I’ve been forced into such idiotic measures by a number of threats of legal action over recent months. To those who think the first step in getting some throwaway comment removed from this site is to send me a legal threat, I say to you get a life, learn some basic communication skills, and do some serious work towards the goal of breaking free of your pitiful lameness.

    1. No
      No, Zahi isn’t one of them. And let’s not mention anymore names please?

      Peace and Respect
      You monkeys only think you’re running things

        1. Clarification
          Hi Numenorian,

          I should point out that each of these cases has involved a comment by a TDG member, not myself – however, I get the legal threat as I am providing the forum from which the comments have been made.

          Additionally, I completely recognise that sometimes things are said that should be retracted. I’m fine with people requesting that libelous content is edited or removed if it affects them – my problem is with people that can’t just email and request it, rather than stomping in with legal threats before even introducing themselves.

          Peace and Respect
          You monkeys only think you’re running things

          1. .
            as moderator (owner) of this site you are responsible for the
            tone that is set as well as the actual comments that you have allowed to be posted here. I don’t think that individuals who feel they have been disrespected or slandered by comments posted here are then obligated to seek you out to discuss it. That’s crazy…first they are insulted and then are dissed because THEY don’t have respect for YOU? Also, the comment you posted re. your disclaimer is additionally insulting to these individuals. I think you said something about their “pathetic lives.” ?? It’s your responsibility to show them the same peace and respect that you show to those who have belief systems with which you are in agreement.

          2. you missed something Num…
            The people to whom you refer as feeling they have been disrespected or
            slandered, only FEEL they have been disrespected or slandered.
            Until they can actually prove that they have been disrespected or slandered they have no case.

            In fact I feel disrespected and slandered because you have written a nasty comment to a friend of mine but of course I can’t prove that I feel that way.
            So go and get a life and stop looking for trouble or maybe even a little business coming your way.



          3. Slander
            Hi Numenorian,

            > individuals who feel they have been disrespected or slandered by
            > comments posted here are then obligated to seek you out to discuss
            > it.

            Well, actually if they want my respect then yes they are. If they want to resort to abusive legal threats, then I’ll talk about them the way I did. Quite simple. As I said, if I’m made aware of any ‘nasty’ comments on TDG, I’ll remove them. But if anyone thinks that the first step in resolving a situation is to send a legal threat, then I would contend that it speaks volume about their character, and/or idea of how a civil discussion works.

            I cannot monitor, and truth-check, every post that is made on this site – that’s a simple fact. I already put in enough effort for no recompense – so excuse me if I blaze away in one post at shmucks that try to power-play me. The other option is to be a punching bag, which I don’t feel like being.

            Peace and Respect
            You monkeys only think you’re running things

  1. Sheesh!
    Well unfortunately that’s a typical example of the kind of litigation society that we’ve made for ourselves.

    It is a shame that in this day and age, when you get good people like Greg (and the WHOLE crew at TDG) doing good things for the general betterment of the community, there will still be a few “nay sayers” that feel they have to rain on the parade and spoil everyone’s fun.

    yer ol’ pal,

    (This “carefully screened for legal loopholes” post was brought to you by “Realm of the Dead”)

    1. So Whats Up ?
      As usual I am always dense on some matters. I read the disclaimer a few days ago. It does not seem harsh to me. Is it the one at the bottom of the page? Most magazines and other sites that post say basically the same thing. So what is wrong with Greg putting that on the Grail?

      I do not understand the cheap shots and I have never understood the rudeness that has been posted. But I got sucked into it myself at one point trying to defend my character from a person who was blasting me, I finally had enough of it and I stooped to their level and blasted back. But it was not a nice thing for me to experience.

      I let time move on and heal my wounds and said I would not allow myself to get sucked into other people’s weird games.

      Since I have been back in the world the past 4-5 months I have seen other forums and how they are. Many of them in my opinion, not TDG are out of control and do not share positive agendas or many intelligent discussions, but are more catering to individulas who like to be rude and just hurt other people. The Daily Grail is by far the best forum out on the web for discussions and information for people like us and seem to have the nicest memebers. Every where in any situastion there will be those who hurt a group and things will get out of control. Usually the person who has to make a stand against wrongs is in the worst position. As when you are making a stand against something, you are fighting for what you believe is right .

      I do not know what happened, and I have had some bad experiences myself here. But, I can move on and remove myself from the bad feelings and continue with what I feel is best for me and for the folks that read the information.

      The Daily Grail should be nutured and taken care of. If it turns into one of those other sites, there will be no place for sanctuary for people with honest intent to post there information and share.

      I think that what ever decisions Greg and whoever runs the TDG have made, they should be supported as they are the ones who are making it possible for others to have this forum.

      It is not so easy to run a site and monitor it all of the time. So, in my opinion , if people can be responisible for what they say and post, that is the first step in keeping the integrity if the site high and up and runing. I would hate to see TDG turn into a bad site, or start being like all of the others.

      The TDG is a gift for many, and should be taken care of.
      When I posted some rude comments trying to defend my self, I aditted I was wrong and stopped to a low level to that of which I was defending myself. Every one should try to see what good and evil really is, and keep their mouth closed if they are unsure if it is wrong or not of which they are about to speak. That maybe would help a little . Also, not to post others material if they are not allowed to do so or plagarize. These are just the basic rules of publishing etiquette. IF one is unsure, go find a Emily Post book on publishing and how to treat others or something and get educated on how to deal with sensitive material.

      Dr. Colette M. Dowell ND
      Circular Times
      Moving Forward Publications

      1. I’ve been misunderstood
        Hi Dr C.

        I notice that your last post was in reply to mine; I think you may have misunderstood my point.

        I wasn’t critisizing TDG for posting the disclaimer. I was merely making the point that it’s a real shame that anyone has to have a disclaimer such as that. There are WAY too many people waiting to sue others at the drop of a hat for often silly reasons.

        yer ol’ pal,

        (This post was brought to you by “Realm of the Dead”)

        1. HI Xibalba
          Hello, MR. X

          First thing I would like to say is, I have a hard time spelling your name. And, no, maybe you mis-understood my post, I am sorry if you took it that I was referring to you, I was referring to who ever wrote the bit about Greg taking a cheap shot. I was trying to convey, that a person has to make a decision when they are in the position that Greg and the others are in who direct this site, I thought that comment was a litle strong….It was when I read that, I felt like some people may not understand everything all of the time, and I surely don’t and obviously you don’t with me, so we can laugh about this…..No, not you, it was the Cheap Shot comment, unless you wrote that…but I do not think you did….

          I really do try to stand up for the Grail because I see it as having integrity compared to the other ones out there. Especially when you are a writer, people love to take CHEAP SHOTS….I do not know why they do it…..Maybe they are frustrated unpublished individuals, I do not know….but, there is alot of bad crap out there being slung and it hurts many people.

          SO, that is what I was trying to convey. Do you understand? Now I am going to worry you thought I was taking a cheap shot at you, please post back and say, hey, I understand, its cool……I was not trying to take a cheap shot at anyone. I can jest and it is fun, that is a difference when something is for fun and jest, not for harm and a real threat as you will see as I write below…..Now, someone might say, hey, SLANDER AGAINST ATTORNEYS….ooooohhhhhh……….
          But, it is comedy, not true concern, there is a difference….

          Oh, I totally agree with what you said as well in your last post.
          I am involved with the legal profession some what…..I can’t
          stand most Attorneys, ….That is my disclaimer…..MOST – you see I did not say all, so I can not be sued for slander, as I have not identified a name, moreso a body of thought, as in a manner of speaking, a harmless statement…….It won’t not stand up in Court, it would be thrown out……Without notwithstanding.
          So sue me….sue you………..sue every body !!!!!!!

          Most people who threaten to sue are whimps,they like to act big and throw the word sue around, like it is a noble right they are only able to acquire. These days people can sue for anything if they have
          the money….and of course a crooked Attorney ……….
          ooooooooops……..I mean a straight up fellow who is honest by the hour…..And does not have sex with his secretary or para-legal,or the Judges, DAs, Assistant DAs, Commisioners….you know……..on and on….Or snort crack and shoots drugs and are blatant alcoholics because they get tender feet from chasing ambulances….they can get scripts for pain you see, and it is all legal.

          Why do you think the names of Attorney use to be and
          is in some regions SOLICITORS ??????? I will not answer that,
          think about it, if anyone would like to comment,
          this all could be quite hysterical.Little Piggy’s tail will curl even more as he/she starts realizing their strength in
          having an Attorney is an illusion………They will still be granted to withdraw their claim……..They will get stuck with the Court Costs though…….

          Really, think about it, the people who threaten to sue
          are the most insecure poeple and need to have some one
          else speak for them as they are ususally illiterate
          and do not know how they can go on a search themselves
          and read the laws and represent them selves and
          not have an Attorney ( but it depends on the particular
          Government too, they may have to have some one represent them,
          which is still the same, they can’t stand up for themselves)
          So, for all you suckers out there threatening to sue…….
          get a girdle and start sucking it in………
          You really can’t hide behind an Attorney or the word sue…..
          Isn’t that word or term used to call the pigs in for chow?

          SUE WE SUE WE SUE WE……..

          Legal Jargon, that is all it is…..
          Misunderstood grunts of piglets….ha!

          And now after all of that, I have a question for you….
          do you have a nik name I can call you. I am dreadful at
          names and spelling, although I am gaining my skills back
          slowly but surely….But my eyes get crossed looking at names
          ….and this has no spell check program on it.

          When I first joined I was writing backwards……..
          I am better now.

          May I ask what that name is, how do you pronounce it,
          could you write it out like in a dictionary of pronunciation?
          I think I will call you X Man….Is that OK with you?

          By the way , where is Poetry Man these days?

          DR.C………….I like that nik name….
          I like it better than Doc


          Dr. C

          Dr. Colette M. Dowell ND
          Circular Times
          Moving Forward Publications

          1. LOL
            “hey, I understand, its cool” (as requested) 😉

            It’s pronounced zi-bal-ba. X Man is fine if you like. Call me anything you want, just don’t call me late for dinner.

            Xibalba is the name given to the realm of the dead in the Mayan culture. One web site describes it thus:

            XIBALBA: ‘The Place Of Fright’. Not actually a God but the entire Mayan Underworld. And a rather nasty portion of it too.

            It was ruled over by HUN-CAME and VUCUB-CAQUIX before they were dispatched by the HERO-TWINS. An extremely grim place full of tricks and traps and a large number of nasty Death Gods.”
            (courtesy of

            yer ol’ pal,

            (This post was brought to you by “Realm of the Dead”)

          2. Oh Good Mr. X
            So, your names inferrs Fright? No….just the living dead and twins too? Thank you for the information and I am glad you understand I was not directing my opinion towards your statement, moreso speaking out about my thoughts in an overall view.

            Are you of Mayan descent?

            Colette is French, however I am Scottish, Welch , Duth and Swiss with a bunch or other stuff.

            Is that your birth name or did you choose that name for a name for people to see? And if you chose that name, what does it mean to you?

            Am I asking too many questions?

            It is just an interesting name,and you seem to know and have an understanding of its roots…………

            Due to my spelling problem I will continue to address you as Mr. X….

            Dr. C is OK with me.

            Thank you,

            Dr. Colette M. Dowell ND
            Circular Times
            Moving Forward Publications

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