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News Briefs 30-05-2005

No Rick today – he’s off to Tasmania to make his fortune. Here’s some news he would have brought you if he weren’t up to his ears in thylacine droppings.

Thanks to Greg. I just put the thing together, most of the real work was his.

Quote of the Day:

Humankind cannot bear very much reality.

T S Eliot

  1. The story about hoaxes has in
    The story about hoaxes has interested me somewhat. It said the the pictures taken of Fairies by two girls early last century was a hoax made with cutouts. Now this is not new information, but what did strike me is that someone finally said what book they were cut out of (Princess Mary’s Gift Book). Has anyone actually seen the pictures from this book and compaired them? To me the Fairy’s photograph would have seen a lot of publicity so why would someone not have seen the photo and noticed that the fairies looked the same as in the book back then? I have never seen anyone say this is the hoax photo and this is the book the fairie’s came from?

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