News Briefs 17-05-2005

With movement of mouse, and tap upon keys, I stimulate neurons around the world. Tres bizarre…

  • Do you know this pianist? Mystery man shows up dripping wet in a suit a month ago, doesn’t talk, but plays some mean piano. I can see the marketing vultures circling already…
  • Supporters of ‘Mexico UFO fleet’ sighting, recently debunked as a mass balloon release, hit back with video and independent reports.
  • Meet Roger Leir, the doctor to see if you’re having problems with your alien implant.
  • Cattle mutilation investigator claims to have solved the mystery. He’s not telling yet though…
  • MUFON head claims UFOs are real.
  • Expert says East Texas is a hotbed for UFO activity. Probably on their way to Crawford to recharge Dubya’s batteries.
  • Manitoba Bigfoot expedition, organised by tabloid news show ‘A Current Affair’, claims to have found evidence for the creature.
  • Voices of the dead, or just voices in your head?
  • Randi knows. Just ask him.
  • Study explains mystery of Mars’ lopsided South Pole.
  • The winner of the 2005 Aventis Book Prize is: Critical Mass (Amazon US and UK).
  • 25 years later, Mount St Helens has moved on.
  • Twelve-year-old Maryland girl has not aged.
  • Scientists succeed at ‘levitating‘ heavy objects.
  • GoogleMaps inspires useful software hacks. Coming soon, Stalker v1.0.
  • Controversy in the wake of ‘homosexual brain‘ research.
  • Researchers study flying snakes.
  • Kudzu weed curbs beer-drinking in laboratory animals, giving hope for sufferers of alcoholism. If I was a laboratory animal I’d drink heavily too…
  • Antibiotic beer took good care of Ancient African’s health. Ah, the wisdom of the ancients on show again.
  • Foresight too? Ancient Egyptians hoarded oil. No wonder Zahi’s so busy digging everywhere.
  • Archaeologists unearth the Chinese Pompeii.

Quote of the Day:

Whenever the people are well informed, they can be trusted with their own government; that whenever things get so far wrong as to attract their notice, they may be relied on to set them to rights.

Thomas Jefferson

  1. The man who fell to earth to play our piano

    Don’t we just love a good mystery, coming out of the sea with labels cut out of his clothes, mute but able to draw and play some good piano. The things asylumseekers have to do these days.

    Well this one got noticed allright, by now he’s reached a world audience, tomorrow invitations to late night shows , a book/music /movie contract, next week bodygards , next month a recital in the black & whitehouse, next year proclaimed to be the (anti) christ, (he appeared just after JP II had died).

    Looking at the picture at the mbc bullitin , White hair a bit of a younger tim robbins , serious look, selfaware and looking back at us. I’m sure the marriage proposals are allready flooding in.

    ” do unto others as you would have them do unto you “

    1. You think he is an asylum seeker?
      Gee I never thought of that.

      Well done if he is.I totally approve.

      Of course if he was in Oz he would be deported anyway, just for not having labels on his clothes.

      It doesn’t take much to be deported here.


    2. piano guy
      This may be totally disrespectful, but since hearing about this story I’ve been unable to shake the nagging suspicion that this is a big hoax. Just imagine, a struggling pianist, unable to get the attention he needs, tells his friends to be quiet about his identity, and then tears the labels off his clothes and turns up on a beach somewhere, appearing unable to speak. The media grabs it, and viola, a first album.

      1. artists and the mind
        Some struggling artists are proud of their mental problems, as it gives them a competitive edge. The art world is rough, many good artists do not get the respect and income they deserve. In that way, it is remarkably like any other business.

        But I hope this guy will recover, and people let him enjoy his music, and give him some recognition too. Everyone deserves that.

  2. I love those flying snakes!
    Wow fancy having a snake come flying out of the air at you!

    I read somewhere that the EVP sounds are coming from baby monitors in the area, but that hardly accounts for what some of the voices say.
    Referring to the people concerned.

    I love the story about the anti-biotic beer.Sounds like a good idea to me.

    Thanks for the links Greg,they manage to keep me off the streets and out of the pubs.


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