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Midweek Roundup 17-05-2005

A varied list of readings to relieve the mid-week slump..

Feel free to pass on the link to any essays you come across in your travels.

  1. Mothers do a lot for their kids.
    I’m pagan and find virgin mary sightings to be wonderful things,the Goddess Lives!!! Ok the virgin of the melted cheese sandwich was wonky world $60,000 but I’m hoping to find ( or make )a virgin of melted cheese and bread to sell on e-bay for 60,000$$$$$$$$$. I find it interesting that out of the whole Bible/God/Stories. Only Mom seems to be taking any interest in what the kids are up to. Not to many stories about Zeus,Jesus,Moses,Godthefather, showing up. Thats right Jesus was suppose to be comeing back, and the Virgin has said he’s going to be here soon. But first you have to do this and this. I think Mom’s covering Jrs. Butt. He’s off smokeing a pipe and dreaming anouther universe.

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