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I’m proud to announce that in another week or so, we’re going to go public with a little project we’ve been working on. Tired of the restrictive context of web pages, we’ve put together a magazine version of TDG, which we’ll be making available for free as a PDF download to all. This will allow us to build beautiful designs around the content we regularly serve up here, and perhaps make it easier for you to print out some of the articles for reading elsewhere. If there’s enough interest, we may even progress to doing a print version. I’ll get back with details in a few days, but until then, please feel free to leave any comments/requests.

  1. The Daily Grail
    Sounds like a great idea! I came across TDG when I was in my first year of uni (6 years ago) and have been an avid fan ever since (despite the hazy days under Phenomenon) – I thoroughly believe it is a fantastic site/resource/entity and very grateful to Greg and the rest of the team who tirelessly keep it going. It has provided me with endless enjoyable hours of interest, learning and inspiration and never fails to guide one safely through the wonderful world of esoterica and alternative thinking. I’m also indebted to Greg personally (albeit indirectly through TDG) for his recommendation of TOOL and my subsequent introduction to their awesome music; the perfect soundtrack to getting lost in TDG. Thank you!

        1. Online

          Initially it will just be available online as a free PDF. If there’s enough interest we may do a print version…I know I prefer to read magazines on paper, but it costs quite a bit to do a print run – so we’d have to be sure of recouping our expense.

          Peace and Respect
          You monkeys only think you’re running things

  2. Very exciting!
    The Daily Grail has been my home page for many many years. I followed you to Phenomenon and back, and supported you through subscribing to Phenomenon and buying Duat. I will continue to support you in your endeavors–your work is so very appreciated!

    1. yowie
      Greg never did find a yowie. I suspect a conspiracy: the rumour is Greg may have a bit of yowie ancestory, and is protecting his mates. 😉

      I missed a link about the “hairy-man” of aboriginal folklore — unfortunately, you have to be a registed subscriber to the Age to read it. We have Bigfoot in North America, and Down Under, we have native folklore about such a beast.

      Of course, George Lucas did film the new Star Wars in Australia. 😉

      Being an out-of-work writer/editor, I too think the magazine thing is a bloody brilliant idea!


    2. Cats should rule the world 😉
      Hi Archdake,

      If you haven’t taught Hairball to read yet, why don’t you have a go at it. Somewhere here in Denver there’s a cat named Zanaboo whose humans used to frequently say that if he had opposable thumbs, he’d rule the world. A couple of years ago, a friend of mine gave him the thumbs, procured at a magic shop, as a Christmas present, so I’m sure he’s learned to use them by now. So I also suggest you get some thumbs for Hairball, so he can access your computer on his own.

      Since our current politicians here in the U.S. are making such a mess of things, it’s high time Hairball and Zanaboo introduced themselves through the internet, so they can gang up on these power brokers, and set the world straight. All they’d need to do is get one law enacted, requiring all politicians to adopt a homeless cat. These cats would immediately force the politicians to cease thinking only of themselves. And since no human can sleep when a cat is meowing or staring at them, the politicians would also be forced to wake up.

      This would be an easy trick to pull off if Zanaboo and Hairball work together, because as everyone knows, no human can ignore or handle two feisty, determined cats.

      Let me know if Hairball needs an interpreter, since I speak fluent cat and my fur-buddy Worf telepaths in fluent English.


  3. Magazine ??? Great
    Would we be able to send you photos place up to show weird things or how does all of that work? Will you still have your posting available and people can exchange comments?

    Good for expanding, it would neat to be able to put up little videos too.

    Music and things…..

    Good luck….You know me, will there be spell check available? HA

    Dr. Colette M. Dowell ND
    Circular Times
    Moving Forward Publications

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