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Bill continues on black-ops for the next few weeks. Kat will step into his chair from next Friday, but I’ll cover for today. Please remember, if you’re working hard today, it’s POETS day and you should observe the usual customs…

  • Scientific paper muses that 270-year-old sea monster sighting might have been a sex hungry whale. That qualifies as a sea monster to me…have you seen the size of their penises?!.
  • It’s a renaissance for the Tarot, with more and more people consulting the cards for guidance.
  • NASA seeks guidebook for recognising extraterrestrial life. “Poke it wit’ da stick Jethro, aif it moves it mus’ be an extratrestral.”
  • Astronomers expect to be ‘dazled’ by views of an ancient Universe.
  • Simulator success for shuttle Discovery crew, despite the simulator landing them 1000 feet underground.
  • Forget searching for radio waves from ET. Just look for giant structures in space.
  • Sure, being a soldier in the U.S. might mean getting shot at and bombed – but where else could you get your own flying saucer?
  • Hubble de-orbit endorsed.
  • Sony patents a method of beaming an artificial world of experience into your brain by ultrasound. I think a good name for it would be Blue Pill.
  • Prairie dogs found to talk using the most sophisticated language in the animal kingdom. Kinda makes them look more sinister when they pop up out their hole and look at you with their beady eyes, doesn’t it?
  • Metallic glass – it’s bound to be the new black.
  • SmellyVision‘ the television of the future. TV shows stink enough already, thanks very much.
  • Cannabis compound slows artery disease in mice.
  • The latest spy planes are small. As in about 13 inch wingspan. I didn’t realise Bill was so small.
  • Solar plane planned for round-the-world flight. Gives new meaning to ‘following the sun’.
  • Hunter S. Thompson’s ashes to be fired from a cannon.
  • Satanic orgies desecrate Brisbane graveyard. Who says we have no nightlife here?
  • If some guy from Chad called Toumai turned up at your door saying he’s a distant relation, he might be right. 6 or 7 million years distant actually.
  • New finds suggest early hominids cared for their elderly.
  • Underwater concrete manufactured from 2000-year-old recipe.
  • Iron Civil War-era casket found in Washington, D.C..
  • Being a Viking wasn’t just about raping, pillaging and marauding you know. Sometimes they took time out to be sensitive.
  • New book explores the feminine roots of shamanism.
  • In ancient days of feasting, producing enough alcohol was always a difficult proposition. Unless you had a buddy called Jesus that is.

Quote of the Day:

This guy is a total drunk. It’s an occupational hazard. Every time our Lord goes to get a glass of water, it transforms into a generic grocery store Merlot.

Blair Blake