News Briefs 01-04-2005

I’m back! Thanks to the TDG crew for looking after the place so well in my absence, to Graham for his hospitality, and to Blair for beering and steering me (and convincing me that he must be the Comte de St Germain)…

  • Is Dugway Proving Ground the new Area 51?
  • “Near certainty” that Black Holes don’t exist.
  • Study urges overhaul of Internet navigation system (DNS).
  • Bigfoot fans urge boycott of new Sony DVD, Sasquatch Hunters.
  • Is the Mothman in London?
  • Ghostbusters record paranormal activity at home of Newcastle’s ‘Grey Lady’. If someone asks you if you’re a god, you say ‘Yes’ dammit!
  • British Museum mummies to be CT scanned next week.
  • US universities go dry in an attempt to curb binge drinking. Next they’ll be wanting students to actually turn up to class!
  • Early risers found to have genetic mutation. “There’s a war coming. Are you sure you’re on the right side?”
  • Why are bird and fish species turning up in the wrong places?
  • ‘Greenhouse’ CO2 levels continue to rise.
  • Swarms of ‘Tetwalkers‘ may soon be exploring the galaxy on behalf of humanity.
  • Mac ‘religion’ a perfect example of brand mysticism. If Steve Jobs wants to send me a Powerbook I’ll gladly take the obedience vows to Applianity.
  • The joke is on us: animals laughed long before humans.
  • Plenty of what you see is taken in by the brain without you even realising it. Who’s in control of this body anyhow?
  • Art is always in the shadow of science, but a new award might bring them closer together.
  • Bionic eye close to reality after successful test in rats. Damn rats get all the cures first.
  • Stem cells from hair follicles can change into neurons. I knew there was an evolutionary advantage to the ‘hair metal’ music of the 1980s.
  • World’s most sensitive scales can now weigh a zeptogram (.000000000000000000001g).
  • Tsunami earthquake reanalysed – now second most powerful on record.
  • Forget those big factories pumping out black smoke – it’s your dandruff which is changing the world’s climate.
  • Ancient Egyptian trading boats found in caves near the Red Sea coastline.
  • Campaigners threaten legal action if Irish minister approves motorway beside Hill of Tara.

Quote of the Day:

Wanna get high?

Towely (the genetically engineered super-towel)

  1. One step closer to that dark matter theory
    Who would have thought that dark matter was tied up with black holes. I think the words dark and black give it away myself. I liked the piece in the previous New Scientist by Paul Davies where he says that as the universe is expanding the laws are changing, which makes it damn hard to come up with any stable theory. Is it that black holes anti-exist? I’m losing the plot…aarrrghh.

    1. laws changing
      Hi Haplo,
      I thought the scientists always maintained that the laws of physics could not change, that they were the same all over the universe.
      Even I knew this was not true.
      If it was true how could you account for the UFOs and similar mysteries.


  2. animal laughter
    Hi Greg,
    I know that animals laugh although a few years ago I wouldn’t have believed it.
    My dogs get a big grin on their faces when they are having a late-night play on my bed.They dive-bomb the pillows and think they are very clever.
    Their lips are actually pulled back in a grin.
    My parrot gets very happy and although you cannot see him smile you know that he is enjoying himself.

    Great links,


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